4.9 5 0 38 38 A little Cadbury Dairy Milk bunny with a yummy orange mousse centre.
Dairy Milk Orange Mousse Bunny
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I love chocolate and love the original bunnies so was very happy to try the orange as I’m a chocolate orange fan but not impressed
Bunny with energy
Milk chocolate. Orange flavor and mousse is a tasty combination of ingredients. The rabbit gives a lot of positive energy for everyone 🥰
Smooth velvet texture melts in the mouth and tastes Devine!! Honestly this is the best chocolate orange 🍊 I even prefer this to terry chocolate orange 😍😍
Chocolate and orange my two favorite flavour just enough to curb your choclate craving without feeling guilty
I work in a shop and often get asked “have you tried this” so I do. I was amazed loved it better than chocolate orange and Told every one stupid me. Now they are sold out.
Found this tasty however very sickly because of the texture, rather have a Terry's chocolate orange I think
Yummy bunny
This chocolate bar is velvety and smooth. Would definitely recommend.
Beaut bunnies
My son loves these. He's only 2 and he will stand there saying wabbit choc choc. Too cute perfect size snack treat for any child and a nice little treat for grown ups too.
Delightful dessert
Purchased it only once , But feel like need more Undoubtedly the perfect taste of chocolate.
Love this product
It's very very tasty ummm....super my sister like this very much
Best rabbit ever!!
Well almost everyone loves Cadbury’s products , and this one wasn’t about to disappoint the customers! The chocolate is firm but leaves a fantastic smoothness in your mouth & the orange flavouring gives the chocolate a heavenly twist! I Highly recommend you try one of these! x
I love this little chocolate treat. I am a fan of anything chocolte orange related but this especially is so smooth and melts in the mouth! Everyone who is going mad for the orange twirl really needs to give these a try because they’re delicious! Only problem is you definitely can’t stop at just one!
Chocolate bunny
Had these with my 2 children on the way back from the supermarket. Have to say I love the milk chocolate that melts in your mouth leaves a smooth silk creamy texture. The Orange flavour was Devine, only problem for us was that they are to small 😂
Love it
This was a quick treat from the supermarket for us all. They are so good. I love the chocolate orange flavour, the only problem is you cant have just one
This is very yummy just wish it was bigger but that's being greedy! The flavours are amazing if you like orange very similar to chocolate orange but smoother texture.

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