4.8 5 0 56 56 A little Cadbury Dairy Milk bunny with a yummy orange mousse centre.
Dairy Milk Orange Mousse Bunny
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I'm gluten free and was excited to find out was gluten free as many other orange flavoured chocolates aren't. The mousse wasn't too soft but firm enough to go well with the creamy chocolate. Would recommend for a quick treat for you or a child. If was any bigger would be too much. Price was also good as was on offer for 2 for a £1
Tasted great
Melts in your mouth great flavour especially from chocolate, worth a try if you havent before
A hoppy treat
I treated myself and my little boy to one of these and they are so tasty the flavour of the chocolate the way that it melts in your mouth the bubblyness of the chocolate textre honestly i will be buying these again the fact that peter rabbit is on the wrapper is a great attention grabber highly recommend to any chocolate lover or child.
Smooth treat
I love Cadbury’s chocolate and had to try this one, smooth chocolate melts in your mouth,I like the orange taste and it’s a great size,Loved by kids and adults.
Light, oh so light on your tongue as it almost fizzes as it melts in the warmth of your mouth. The orange is tangy and mousse texture is very light. Very happy!
Yummy Bunny
I love Cadbury chocolate so I had to try this out. It didn’t disappoint, perfect combination of chocolate and orange flavours. Not too sickly and just the right size for a chocolatey treat.
Lovely flavour
Big fan of these. Good small little treat and the mousse orange flavour is lovely. Just enjoy orange coming through. Kids love them as well
Cadbury need to make more
These are great and I love the cadbury and orange chocolate together. High recommended and who cares if your a 31 year old man eating a bunny, it tastes good!
Yummy little treat
This is the perfect size for a little treat leading up to Easter, whether it's as a present or for yourself! Anyone who is a fan of chocolate orange needs to try this product!
Amazing product tastes so good this chocolate just melts in your mouth lovely with a glass of milk to help it go down oh yummy just a bigger bar highly recommend this product. Definitely a must try.
so tasty
I loved the flavor of this its really smooth and very tasty for a small treat delicious would defiantly recommend if your a chocolate lover
Very nice
These are very nice, if you like orange chocolate obviously. I bought 4 1 for me and the kids. But I ate mine and hide the kids for my self. Haha I will buy them more. I promise
A nice change
Great if you like animal shaped anything, super great if you like continental style filled chocolates
So nice!
These taste amazing! The smooth orange in the middle is alright too not to overpowering over the taste of the chocolate. Its great that they are shaped as bunnies and have Peter rabbit on the packaging as my son loves Peter rabbit so he loves them just because of that!
These are really nice, the texture is very smooth and the centre is a really nice orangey taste- not too overpowering. They are quite sickly though

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