4.2 5 0 89 89 Dairylea Snackers with Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons With Vitamin D which contributes to normal absorption of calcium. Enjoy as part of a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
Dairylea Snackers With Buttons
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I am a fan of the ham and cheese, These are not that good, mixing chocolate buttons with cheese and dry crackers doesn't work for me. Dries out my mouth and the flavour is bland. I would say add more meats to these, Like salami cheese and more savoury crackers.
On the go snack
These are great for on the go or when he is having a light lunch but he’s not a fan of the crackers since they changed as they are quite dry
So handy for on the go, We have them for picnics also, Healthy cheese and crackers and with a little sweet treat also for after, My son loves them and they are perfect size for him, I also buy him the ones without chocolate in for nursery, He loves making his own combo's.
Fab snack
A great little snack for when out and about. Of course my daughter went straight for the chocolate buttons but did eat most of it after. Crackers are a little dry and cheese does seem rubbery but kids enjoyed them.
Perfect for packed lunches
Love lunchables and have done since I was young. These are perfect, especially if your not a fan of the meat. Cheese and biscuits, followed but chocolate buttons! Perfect! Now to bring back the big packs with daim and Capri sun 😆
Disappointed children
My boy's 2 & 3 years loved the chocolate buttons. Hated the crackers & cheese. Took one bite, spat it out, then refused to touch them again. I tried them & was also unimpressed, the texture of the cheese is close to rubber, & the crackers are tasteless. Will not be be buying them again, waste of money! My poor palette is still recovering!!
These are perfect for children’s lunch, my daughter loves this one as it it sweet and savoury in one
Kids love them but a bit dry
Kids love these now they have a sweet option included, they are a great on-the-go snack, but the crackers are soooooo dry so always have a drink to hand
Great snack
Great idea for an afternoon or mid morning snack. Cant take to school due to the chocolate so ideal for weekends or even an after school snack.
Perfect snack
I buy these for my daughters pack lunch all the time as she loves them they also come in handy if you want a light snack inbetween meals The price is reasonable and would recommend these to anyone who has children who maybe a little fussy when eating as they go down a real treat
Hard topremote healthy eating
My daughter had these in her lunch box at nursery but the choc buttons were sent home due to them practicing a healthy eating scheme so these were not classed as healthy but are aimed at children so unfortunately will not be buying them for lunchboxes again but a great idea for picnics etc
Kids love them
Great for kids if you on the go or out and about just to put them on till dinner time
Handy snack
Even I snack on these .. buy for my children to snack between meals and doesn’t over fill them so dinner isn’t a miss
nice snack for kids
it is a very nice snack for children when they are hungry and you are out.
My kids love these. I buy them everytime we go shopping. Love it when there on offer though.

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