4.3 5 0 78 78 Dairylea Snackers with Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons With Vitamin D which contributes to normal absorption of calcium. Enjoy as part of a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
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nice snack for kids
it is a very nice snack for children when they are hungry and you are out.
My kids love these. I buy them everytime we go shopping. Love it when there on offer though.
Cheese stuck together
This ended up with a meltdown in the car! All the cheese was stuck together so my son couldn’t separate it for his crackers. Ate the buttons and threw the rest away
Tea time treat
My 7 year old daughter loves these. Perfect for an on the go treat or a quick tea. Great combination of savoury and sweet. Hard not to devour for myself 😉
Good but original lunchables are better
These are good still have the same great taste from cheese and crackers but missing the meat. No real need for the addition of the chocolate
Great snack
This is a great snack I brought for my children as they were on offer and had a sweet treat with it. I liked that it was a few chocolate buttons so my kids weren’t having lots of sugar. Not sure I would buy them at full price though
not too sure on these at all the concept of something sweet after a savory is a good idea but the crackers always taste stale...
Have tried the snack boxes before. My daughter really enjoyed it and was nice to have the addition of a sweet treat at the end!
My daughter loved it
I have bought it for my daughter when we have a little party at home . She ate it all and even ask for more . Tasty !
Great lunchtime treat
My daughter loves these so she'll sometimes have one as a lunch time treat if we are out shopping. She loves beiung able to build her own crackers and the portion of chocolate buttons is the right amount without going overboard. Very well priced in most places.
Great for when you can't make a packed lunch
I recently bought these for the kids. They loved the fact that they could make their own food as well as have some chocolate afterward.
Wierd combo
I bought these for my son for a trip. He loves the normal ones but said it was a bit wierd with chocolate?!
Not sure about combination
I love the snack boxes with ham and cheese and often buy them for snacking but saw these and thought try as I love buttons too but I wasn’t sure about combination I buy snack boxes when in mood for savoury and I ended up save buttons till later.Although my daughter loved said buttons were like desert
Kids love them
They are amazing for a quick snack on the go...they are my go to if I’m in the car with the kids over lunch just to keep them going till I can get some real food for them
My children love these and they are so handy to give as a little snack after school or inbetween meals . My children enjoy these and feel that there is the perfect amount of crackers-cheese and buttons .

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