4 5 0 22 22 Dairylea Snackers with Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons With Vitamin D which contributes to normal absorption of calcium. Enjoy as part of a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
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Kids and Mum give it 5 stars
Five stars all round. Delicious and fresh and always a treat for the kids. They cant wait to get to the car to open one as a snack on the way home after shopping and its a huge treat in their packed lunch. A great all rounder!
Son LOVES them
My son loves these, great that the now have a little treat in them as well, just hoping they can keep the ham & cheese with a little treat as-well? I understand the packaging would need to be altered but its helpful when on the go for mums/ oicnics/ school and lunch.
Handy lunch box items. Great idea 👍 recommended definitely because of all different choices you had such as mini cookies 🍪 chocolate buttons and mini Oreos. Available in Asda.
Exactly what I needed. I’ll definitely buy it again. I’m not having breakfast so I have half between breakfast and lunch and the rest in the afternoon. Compact package fits every bag!!!
Great snack
My kids love these as a snack. Cheese and crackers with extra treat with chocolate buttons. They also quite handy for packed lunches for trips. There seems to be a few different varieties too. So can cater for different tastes.
Great snack and treat for kids
My son loves these a perfect combo of his favourite things, crackers cheese and chocolate. He’s a fussy eater as it is so it’s a good combo of things and also give him a little reward for eating the more healthier of the 3 items. Only thing I would say is unless these are on offer they are a little pricey for what they are, but I suppose you pay for the handiness of having it all pre-packed for you as I little take out snack. Also some shops don’t sell this particular type of snack packs and mainly only sell the ones with ham or chicken.
Childhood memories
I was stuck on what to get from lunch one day when I spotted the lunchables. I hadn’t had one since I was a child and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! They’re more yummy than I remember
Perfect packed lunches
My son loves these lunchables, they are a quick easy tasty snack and hassle free, adding padding to any packed lunch
Daughter Loves
Recently bought this for my daughter's packed lunch and she loved it, great handy little idea for snack or packed lunch
Daughters love them
My daughters love the lunchables, they are a quick easy snack and makes no mess, which is great! Added bonus which is when they have offers on them.
A great vegetarian snack for fussy eaters!
My daughter loves these as a snack after school! A great way to give them something that is full of protein but with a naughty chocolate treat that isnt too much. Its nice to see a vegetarian twist on lunchables so nobody gets left out!!
It sounds like an odd combination ....
I didn't like the idea of eating cheese, crackers and chocolate in the same mouthful, and after trying it, decided it was slightly odd! So instead I ate the cheese and crackers as a 'first course' then finished up with the buttons as a 'pud'.
Good for price
I bought this snack for my child's school trip and she really liked it as it was fun to eat. Also it tastes good.
Never to old
My grandsons loved these for their packed lunches. Now all grown up they still enjoy them as a snack. They love the addition of the buttons . Knowing they are getting their calcium and vitamin D whilst still having an healthy snack can only be good
Lunch on the go
This really hit the spot the other day, you get so fed up of sandwiches. Cadbury's buttons were also a nice touch

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