4.2 5 0 89 89 Dairylea Snackers with Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons With Vitamin D which contributes to normal absorption of calcium. Enjoy as part of a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
Dairylea Snackers With Buttons
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Much too good for children 😂
My partner buys these for her son and I steal them 😂 well we share them. It’s a great snack mix what’s not to like cheese crackers and chocolate too 😍 it’s nice to have variety packed in one snack
Great snack
Perfect snack especially for little ones... Who doesn't love cheese and chocolate.... These are definitely a favourite for all kids especially because of the chocolate buttons they make a great snack or perfect to add to lunchboxes
OK for on-the-go
OK for on-the-go. Chocolate didn't seam as nice as normal Cadburys
Love in it
OMG my lil1s love these, it’s a must have in my house
If you buy these don’t put the chocolate and the cheese together, it’s not very nice, but as a little sweet snack after is good, very convenient to have both in one place. Will probably buy them separately next time though
I buy these for my kids...
I buy these for my kids, however I have found myself eating them too. Cheese and chocolate, what’s not to love! If you haven’t tried them,yet, you don’t know what your missing.
These are handy as a one off the cheese is a little rubbery and for the price they’re not that filling my child enjoys making them up and do encourage him to eat would recommend like I said as one off not regular thing
Great idea to add milky buttons to these like a little treat for after and the kids love them even more highly recommend
Tasty lunchtime treat
These lunchables are great really tasty and my children love them.
handy snack
a brilliant handy snack if we are out and about and my child loves them as much as i do
Having eaten this product many times before and love it and a favourite in the family. We tried this one with the buttons. It works perfectly well.
Where’s the ham!!!
These are a fab treat not just for kids! But the original lunchables with the ham and cheese is a lot better! The crackers are just a little to plan with just the cheese! However the chocolate is a great treat!
Funny thing for children
It is funny option for a snack for a child, but i found that this cheese is not nice and my daughter did not like this cheese too. Unfortunately we looking for another option for similar snack now.
Kids had this on a cold day so they really enjoyed it with extras . However I can see on a hot day the chocolate can be a sticky mess and.the cheese could be quite sweaty
Not just for kids
Nice little snack of cheese and crackers, with a little chocolate to finish off. Great for lunch boxes or just a little snack on the go. Adults and kids will love them. Better combo than some of the other snack packs on the market.

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