4.3 5 0 81 81 Dairylea Snackers with Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons With Vitamin D which contributes to normal absorption of calcium. Enjoy as part of a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
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Having eaten this product many times before and love it and a favourite in the family. We tried this one with the buttons. It works perfectly well.
Where’s the ham!!!
These are a fab treat not just for kids! But the original lunchables with the ham and cheese is a lot better! The crackers are just a little to plan with just the cheese! However the chocolate is a great treat!
Funny thing for children
It is funny option for a snack for a child, but i found that this cheese is not nice and my daughter did not like this cheese too. Unfortunately we looking for another option for similar snack now.
Kids had this on a cold day so they really enjoyed it with extras . However I can see on a hot day the chocolate can be a sticky mess and.the cheese could be quite sweaty
Not just for kids
Nice little snack of cheese and crackers, with a little chocolate to finish off. Great for lunch boxes or just a little snack on the go. Adults and kids will love them. Better combo than some of the other snack packs on the market.
Perfect snack
Perfect for the little ones lunch, his favourite snack crackers and cheese with a little treat of chocolate buttons for after. I even tried one myself and was very pleasantly surprised how nice it was
Perfect for kids on the go
Perfect solution for when I’m fed up with making sandwiches for the kids as they love all the little components for making these, always start with the chocolate though 🤣
A bit boring but nice
My girlfriend and I have these for lunch. She hates sandwiches so these are a good alternative. Although they can be a bit boring sometimes And a bit bland. But I will let that side as it's a product aimed at kids
Great snack
My kids loved these. Great for a little snack and having a little chocolate treat for afterwards was just perfect for them. They love cheese and crackers. Would like to see other options too.
Loved the cheese and crackers, but was disappointed to see chocolate buttons as its turned it in to an unhealthy snack.take out the chocolate and replace with fruit or veg.i wouldn't recommend as a healthy snack
Cheese and crackers
This is a great lunch box alternative to keep everyone happy. I often find the portion sizes are to large for the kids lunch boxs but these are just right. The kids get to have a bit of everything they love cheese, crackers and chocolate buttons and i get piece of mind there not eating wau to much at linch. Also fit great in lunchboxes.
perfect for kids
Wow kids love these in the lunches. Gives them a good portion of treats after they have ate the crackers. school doesnt like them as contains chocolate but ideal for days out and picnics
deairylea snackers and buttons
Wow these are great, kids love them, but not so much schools as their no longer allowed to take chocolate to school, but I feel that its completely balanced and for a snack you cant beat it. Fantastic to take to watch a movie.
Lunch and a dessert
Ideal for lunchboxes and days out on a family picnic sweet and savoury in one 👍😋
Kids loved it!
I purchased this for my children to try as they're a massive fan of other lunchable options, they both enjoyed it. I personally think it's a little expensive at just over £1.60 per pack.

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