4.7 5 0 12 12 Antibacterial soap that protects against a wide range of unseen bacteria. Gentle on your skin with a delicate fragrance.
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Gentle and great smelling
Very gentle on the skin while still giving off a generous Dettol smell. After using this soap, you will feel like a million bucks- clean, refreshed and smelling amazing! I love it!
Lovely product
This soap is a great value for price, smells lovely and just is a good addition in the bathroom. Such a good alternative to swap from liquid soap from time to time would definitely recommend it!
Works well
I often suffer with out breaks on my face and have tried several lotions and creams. I have used this soap a few times now and it’s works so well at clearing my spots.
Great for skin
I have sensitive skin so I always look for gentle skincare solutions. Dettol products are usually a little strong/harsh for my skin, but this new product is great. Skin feels soft and smooth and doesn't dry out afterwards!
Really good
Really pleased with the product and it does what it says on the box. I prefer bar soaps than liquid (liquid soaps tend to leave a greasy film on the skin). This soap leaves hands clean and without residue.
I have very sensitive skin due to bad acne and this helps with my flare ups x
Definitely does what it says, it leaves hands soft, good to know kids hands are always cleaned. Definitely recommend to friends & family
Clean smell lush
I love the smell and how clean my hands feels before I make dinner, it's even took the smell of garlic off my hands that I am very amazed at. I loved it so much I know even used it in the bath. I will be taking a bar of it when I start my training in a care home to make sure my hands are always nice and clean. I will buying more in the future.
It is good for healthy hygiene and it smooth when you bathing with it and it kills the gems
Feel clean and not drying
Dettol soap is a always available in my house after the kids have come back from there after school activities. It's nice to know they are squeaky clean.
The best Detol you can buy
I've tried many Detol products but this is by far the best you can buy! And the delightful smell is even more satisfying as well as feeling very clean
Great soap
Dettol is a fantastic brand. This soap left my skin clean and without any residue. I will definatley buy this again and recommend it to my friends and family.

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