4.7 5 0 22 22 Antibacterial soap that protects against a wide range of unseen bacteria. Gentle on your skin with a delicate fragrance.
Dettol Bar Soap Sensitive
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sensitive soap bar
Dettol - Sensitive Bar Soap has a light delicate fragrance, it foams up a little but not lots. i liked using this soap but i prefer liquid hand soap over bar soap. the packaging is simple paper so its easily recycled.
This was a recent substitute from my grocery shop, I usually would use liquid soap but these days any soap is better than none. The scent is lovely, it’s not harsh on skin and I actually think I’m going to switch because this seems to be lasting a lot longer than regular soap.
Skin feels cleaner than ever
It was my first time trying this product as I wanted to try something new for my sensitive skin. I was definitely not disappointed. It's very delicate on skin and my hands feel so much cleaner than after using the usual normal soap. Definitely will keep purchasing this! I highly recommend!
A real feel of clean
I found these in a local,independent store near me,it came in a handy pack of two,so one downstairs and one in the bathroom. I loved the fresh fragrance with this soap and my hands felt incredibly clean and its definitely more gentle in the skin. Great product and will keep buying from now on
Nicely scented and leaves hands soft
This soap has it all really, not only does it smell nice it also leaves your hands feeling very soft and almost germ free! It lasts for a long time aswell which is surprising for my household as we are all germaphobes so are constantly washing our hands!
Love it
Great product. It's great for me because of my skin sensitivity. Great cleansing soap.
A good all round soap
I have this in my bathroom and the downstairs loo. It’s great for sensitive skin and also for my muck magnet, 8 year old son. Nice to know that its good for his skin and antibacterial too. Great skin and germ free. A must have in my house! Happy to recommend!
Gentle and effective
Very gentle on the skin. I get really bad heat rashes and it has helped soothe the itching. It’s a really good antibacterial and really good to use especially when abroad. 10/10.
this is good for my sensitive skin, it did not irritate me. i like that its made by dettol with anti bacterial properties.
Brought these for my husband as he has a dusty job but sensitive skin. He had no skin reaction, I have also tried these soap bars and found them to leave my hands soft and clean. Enjoy that they are anti bacterial too.
Gentle and great smelling
Very gentle on the skin while still giving off a generous Dettol smell. After using this soap, you will feel like a million bucks- clean, refreshed and smelling amazing! I love it!
Lovely product
This soap is a great value for price, smells lovely and just is a good addition in the bathroom. Such a good alternative to swap from liquid soap from time to time would definitely recommend it!
Works well
I often suffer with out breaks on my face and have tried several lotions and creams. I have used this soap a few times now and it’s works so well at clearing my spots.
Great for skin
I have sensitive skin so I always look for gentle skincare solutions. Dettol products are usually a little strong/harsh for my skin, but this new product is great. Skin feels soft and smooth and doesn't dry out afterwards!
Really good
Really pleased with the product and it does what it says on the box. I prefer bar soaps than liquid (liquid soaps tend to leave a greasy film on the skin). This soap leaves hands clean and without residue.

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