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Doritos Collisions Honey Glazed Rib & Lemon
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Very nice - two of my favorite crisp flavors in one
I have to admit, i was hesitant to try these, because i really did not like the ones with Guacamole. But i bit the bullet, and decided to try them. And I am so glad i did because they are absolutely tasty. Good balance of honey glazed and lemon flavored crisps. And when together, they are actually surprisingly tasty. My only complaint is the lemon ones can be a bit overpowering when you have eaten quite a few.
A flavour combination that shouldn't exist!
These Doritos shouldn't exist. Both flavours are absolutely vile, and when the flavour changes it creates such a horrible taste in your mouth you wish you'd never taken a bite. The lemon taste is really horrible and chemical tasting. DO NOT BUY.
Very strange taste
I do like Doritos crisps, but I wasn't impressed with these. They are very strange taste, lemon flavour overpowering, didn't like at all and I don't really think that both of those flavours goes well in the same bag. I was disappointed, but worth to try, because we all have different taste.
Lovely flavour to them both but dont work as a duo, they just fight eachother. These should be sold as separate flavours and it would be great
Lemooooon and Ribs
I liked both flavours of chips but I'm not sure they work together in the same bag. The lemon is too over powering for the ribs. Would be better in seperate bags.
Not the best
They are okay but definitely something that I will by regularly
I had to try these, and I wasent keen on the lemon flavour just a bit overpowering and too tangy but the honey glazed ribs are just full of flavour and tasty, if any improvements I would improve on the lemon blast oh than that there nothing else
Mixed feelings.
The lemon blast flavour is not very nice and is a bit weird however the honey glazed ribs flavour is lovely!
Weird flavour combo
Worth a try, but such a weird combo of flavours. Never too keen on anything with lemon added to, and these were just too strong in the lemon department and too sweet in the rib department. Will not be trying again.
They’re a bit weird, in a good way
Such a strange combo of flavors. The lemon reminded me of scampi fries, and I loved the sweet flavor of the rib chips. Really odd but enjoyable nachos. I’ve bought them again!
We love crisps in our house, so thought we would give these a try. The rib flavour is really meaty and the lemon zesty enough, but not overpowering. Really great flavours.
Tasty left half!
If you're craving crunch with your dips, Doritos deliver on taste and satisfaction. Their flavours are always guaranteed to be distinctive, however in this case not in a great way. It is impressive that they have managed to combine two very different flavours in one bag, keeping each distinctive, but these are very imbalanced. I can see they are going for a "sweet and sour" combo - the left side Honey Glazed Ribs are finger-licking good, but the lemon half is far too overpowering and tastes artificial.
Too sour
Sounds like they could be nice but the flavours aren’t balanced. The lemon is overpowering and too tangy.
Really nice
These were really nice but I feel the Lemmon ones took over more especially towards the end I would recommend as both flavours were nice
My kid loves it
They are actually not my cup of tea but my kid loves them. I'm not big fun of BBQ flavoured crips but they not to overpowering. And lemon ones actually taste ok. They mix nicely

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