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Tasty left half!
If you're craving crunch with your dips, Doritos deliver on taste and satisfaction. Their flavours are always guaranteed to be distinctive, however in this case not in a great way. It is impressive that they have managed to combine two very different flavours in one bag, keeping each distinctive, but these are very imbalanced. I can see they are going for a "sweet and sour" combo - the left side Honey Glazed Ribs are finger-licking good, but the lemon half is far too overpowering and tastes artificial.
Too sour
Sounds like they could be nice but the flavours aren’t balanced. The lemon is overpowering and too tangy.
Really nice
These were really nice but I feel the Lemmon ones took over more especially towards the end I would recommend as both flavours were nice
My kid loves it
They are actually not my cup of tea but my kid loves them. I'm not big fun of BBQ flavoured crips but they not to overpowering. And lemon ones actually taste ok. They mix nicely
Great combination of flavours
These are great. Someone close to me bought these and I couldn't understand why. But then I tried a few and have to say the flavours are amazing. Kind of addictive. I absolutely love them, just wish they did them in multipacks
One of the best.
These are definitely in my top 3 flavours of Doritos. The mixture of the two flavours compliment each other really well and keeps you reaching in for another. I’d 100% recommend these.
Too sharp
In theory these flavours sounded really delicious. However the balance of flavour is all wrong here. The honey glaze flavour is a tad too sweet and the lemon is far too sharp! Not enjoyable I'm afraid.
Yum yum
Mix of sweet and sour crisps. Perfect with any Doritos souses. Yummy
I like them but not everyone’s taste
I liked the contrast of the tastes in this bag, very different but went well together. The taste is strong so if you aren’t sure you probably won’t like them. You might only like one taste on their own, not necessarily together. But a tasty different snack, maybe enjoyed with a beer
We were slightly hesitant when we bought these at a very reduced price .OMG they taste wonderful the rib ones are a sweet smoky rib and the lemon ones are sharp but not in a harsh way .They lasted approx 5 mins and the bag was empty .Fab on a picnic
Not Sure
I am a big fan of Doritos and (probably too often) will have nachos for dinner. With these new collisions flavors I was excited to try but honestly I wasn't sure. I didn't love the lemon, it was just a bit strange, and the honey didn't leave much of an impact. I would probably stick to the originals (Chilli heatwave all the way).
Awesome flavour
I seriously love these flavoured Doritos!! I especially love using them to make nachos. Really add extra depth!
I loved them . My bag did seem to have more lemon than rib but I like the idea of having 2 flavours in the bag hope they do more
These are delicious the mix of flavors is fab the lemon ones are the best
Its ok
I liked honey glazed rib flavour but didn’t liked lemon ones. Was annoying to eat and look what flavour im getting as i didn’t like lemon one

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