4.4 5 0 289 289 Flame Grilled Steak Flavour Corn Chips Suitable for vegetarians With intense flavours, full-on crunch and a Grilled Steak kick, Doritos are the great tasting bold snack for when you're getting together with mates!
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What can I say these are very yummy. Very easy to eat a whole pack unintentionally z sosem Doritos ,,cool sour cream and chives,,
Very nice, full of flavour and it’s very strong too
I bought these thinking they sounded delicious. The first bite I was like wow, but after about 5 seconds I got an awful taste. Even the aftertaste lasted for ages, not the best.
Am a massive fan of doritos, they are my go to crisps and these are defo a favourite. I love steak flavour crisps at the best of times but these are so good. Would definitely recommend for any doritos fans and if you haven't tried them give them a try
I wasn’t a big fan at all
I usually buy Doritos for dipping in salsa, hummus or sour cream and chives and the steak flavour just didn’t go at all in my opinion. To me they tasted like McCoys but the texture was all wrong. Really not for me.
Not as yummy as I thought
Thought I would give these a go, and was slightly disappointed. Not as tasty as I thought and quite ‘boring’ i probably would buy again a party snack, but not my own personal snack.
Not very good
I tried these because they was new and on offer, I’ve got to say they was quite disappointing, they tasted very bland compared to other flavours
Tasty but not as good as others
These are similar to other Doritos however I would say that the flavour isn’t as identifiable as other varieties and it wasn’t to my personal taste. If you prefer milder Dorito flavours then this could be for you however I don’t think I would purchase it again.
Flame steak crisps
Great texture of the crisps itself and taste fulfilling
Great snack
Very tasty crisp with lot of flavour, real meaty taste ,great for all the family
Very tasty
Very tasty and bursting with flavour, fantastic for vegetarians also
More please !!
Doritos can’t get it wrong , lovely flavour - goes well with a bowl of chilli IMO
Great snack..Very nice flavour,good dipping crisps,nice texture and lots of flavour and actually taste like what they are supposed to, would be nice with chilli on and sour cream.Good price as well.
Bags of flavour and crunch family favourite good value for money
Bit crap to be honest
Purchased these thinking they were going to bursting with strong steak flavour... how wrong could I be... under flavoured, pure rubbish... I'm finding that all of their flavours are starting to be less flavourful.

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