4.2 5 0 162 162 Doritos will ignite the taste buds of the nation with the launch of new Flamin’ Hot Tangy Cheese flavour – a new take on the popular Tangy Cheese flavour tortilla chip, only now it’s hot!
Doritos Flamin' Hot Tangy Cheese
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Doritos flamin hot tangy cheese
Love all the other Doritos flavours so had to give this a try. They are really nice but the chilli heat takes over. Couldn't taste the tangy cheese for that reason. Only managed a few and my tongue was on fire. Anyone that loves heat will love these!
Definately flaming!
I love Doritos and thought I would try this flavour. They definately are flaming hot. A bit too spicy for me and didn't enjoy the pack purely for this reason. The heat builds after eating a few. They also are very cheesy but not my favourite flavour of Doritos.
Very cheesy
I love Doritos so just had to try these, I like some hot and spicy stuff and these didn’t fail to impress me, they are very cheesy and have some good heat to them so was very tasty I will definitely be buying these again
Very Cheesy
I have a high tolerance to spicey food so didn't taste too hot in any way but were plenty cheesy tasting
Really nice
I tend to find when things say spicy there isn't much too them however these really hit the spot for me very tasty and spicy.
Too hot to my liking
It was too hot and I could not enjoy this at all. I was sweating and having runny nose as I was eating it. This won't be in my snack list.
great product,onced opened could not stop eating them great flamin hot cheesey flavour.
Too hot
I don’t like to leave a review but these are just too hot. Even my partner who loves spicy couldn’t eat many of these. The cheese and hot spice didn’t taste good together and after 2 or 3 your mouth is burning so can’t eat any more
Flaming hot
Wow crisps with a huge fiery hot kick, these crisps definitely leave your mouth tingling but they are packed and bursting with flavour, I just couldn’t eat very many at a time
Really hot 🥵
I like these a lot but can’t eat a lot of them because they gave me heartburn lol
Spicy but nicey
I’ll admit the first few that you have are quite fiery but once you get used to the heat the flavours are amazing and go really well together. Great with a bit of sour credal too
Very hot!!!
When you first eat them you think they’re not that hot but keep eating and the heat hits you! Brilliant, packed with flavour too.
Amazing flavour with a huge kick!
These doritos pack a punch! Would highly recommend if you are a fan of spicier crisps. Amazing cheesy flavour that you all know and love with a very hot spice to it. Similar to Flamin hot cheetos found in the US.
Lovely kick to it
Wasn't expecting much but ended up thoroughly enjoying them, the combination compliments eachother well. They are more hot than the chilli heatwave. A great kick.
I'm normally sceptical with trying new crisps but these are two of my favourite flavours combined, the smell of cheese hits you as soon as you open them. The spice was amazing would definitely recommend to anyone that loves the cheese doritos and chilli heatwave ones :)

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