4.1 5 0 191 191 Doritos will ignite the taste buds of the nation with the launch of new Flamin’ Hot Tangy Cheese flavour – a new take on the popular Tangy Cheese flavour tortilla chip, only now it’s hot!
Doritos Flamin' Hot Tangy Cheese
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Dam these are good and my type of crisps.
I love hot crips and call me crazy but when the food tells you they are going to be FLAMING HOT...they better be, These are delicious and love the combination of the classic cheese flavour with the hot spice. Bought these so many times and I would recomend.
Too Hot
While obviously expecting a more hotter than usual crisp, these were far too hot for me. I managed a couple before handing them off to someone else. I would recommend this if you enjoy really hot food.
For spice lovers
Pleasantly surprised to find a crisp on the market that is actually spicy! The kick blends perfectly with the cheese flavour but definitely not recommended if you can't handle heat
Far too spicy
Honestly these are the spiciest crisps I have ever eaten, they were far too spicy for me and I like hot food. They were so spicy I couldn't finish them and they even upset my stomach. If you like to eat foods hotter than the sun then go for it!
Wow these really are hot! I initially thought they were not too bad, but then the heat hit me! It was too much for my tongue and I couldn't eat anymore, even my hubby thought they were too much.
Not for the light hearted
Probably the most spiceist crisps I've ever had, will leave your mouth burning! I can eat a handful of these before I have to throw the towel in
Cheesy hot!
For a cheese and chilli-lover, this has to be one of the best flavours of Doritos available. It is hot and tangy, has a lovely burn to it and makes you want to eat more and more of them. Each Dorito is well-coated in the flavouring and the packet is big for sharing but it never lasts that long. These are really nice dipped into sour cream!
Way too much.
These initially taste like cheese doritos, then suddenly a huge horrible, intolerable heat hit. I love heat, but this is just a hot heat, nothing nice about it.
Like licking the sun
I was expecting a combination of the heat of Chilli Heatwave and the tang of a Cheese Doritos. How wrong was I? I was way off the mark! There is an intense heat that smacks you within a couple of seconds, I couldn't taste any tangy cheese, it's full-on chili. It's such a fierce heat that I only lasted around 6 chips. I desperately wanted to like them, for weeks my mind had imagined what the taste was going to be like but it's such a shock to be totally wrong. I guess that there are some hard-core chilli jockeys out there (that drink lava for breakfast) that would appreciate these devil deltoids from Hades, but unfortunately, they're not for me.
Too hot for me
I was a bit skeptical over these as I thought “how hot could they be? They’re cheesy” how wrong was I, they’re hotter than chilli heatwave which I can handle. Overall if you love heat than you’ll love these
Thought I would try these but if you like hot then these are the Doritos for you I could only manage one. Oops
Very spicy
I do really like these crisps but they are so hot, I can manage about six before my whole mouth is buzzing, saying that it doesn’t stop me wanting to eat them every though they are too spicy for me. I have crushed them and put them in burritos and fajitas which is such a nice touch.
I wasn't expecting that!
These have gone down a treat in my house! We bought a couple of bags thinking they would be halfway between the normal cheese and hot flavours. Well. These were so much more than that. Do not underestimate these crisps, they're brilliant. The teenager finally managed to make a bag of Doritos last longer than five minutes, the fella nearly choked from the heat after shoving a huge mouthful in and I've discovered I can eat more of these in one sitting than either of them which is a first. In addition to actually being very hot, they're also quite tasty which is an added bonus.
Amazing !!
I absolutely love these they’re my new fave crisps! I love the mix of cheese and spice! I love how the spice hits you after the cheese ! I would improve by making more flavours and I would highly recommend these
Hot. Hot. Hot
I like spicy food. I like the heatwave doritos, but these were just a little hot for me. I managed half a bag. If you like hot, hot, hot give them a try. As expected the quality is still there just a little hot for me. Enjoy.

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