4.3 5 0 149 149 Doritos will ignite the taste buds of the nation with the launch of new Flamin’ Hot Tangy Cheese flavour – a new take on the popular Tangy Cheese flavour tortilla chip, only now it’s hot!
Doritos Flamin' Hot Tangy Cheese
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Hot Hot Hot
Initially I opened the bag and that eruption of cheese smell hit me ! PARTY PARTY I love the original cheese flavour so my mind was having a party . After approx 8 my taste buds were doing the can can , by 11 they were having a rave ! By this time my mouth closed tight and refused to open . I personally could not eat anymore and wished I could . My mouth was tingling from the ingredients and the cheese taste was clinging onto my cheeks - I was salivating . But personally could not eat any more. I think these would be an ideal starter with melted cheese on top ! Ahhh ! Save that for my next party .
Cheese dorito lovers dream!
If you like spice and love cheesy Doritos. This is deffo for you. They’ve got a massive kick to them but I couldn’t stop eating them. I haven’t seen these in many shops but if you do see them grab a pack!
Hot Stuff
I' m not a huge fan of spicy food but as part of a dare I tried these. Whoaaaa great crunch, the heat quickly tore across my tongue and roared up the inside of my cheeks. These are not for wimps like me, totally lip tingling, ferocious flavour . Boy do they pack some heat.
These are painful to eat! After eating 5 it took a glass of milk and multiple glasses of water to stop my eyes from watering!! These should have a bigger, more serious warning on them!!
Hotter than fire
Definitely what it says on the packet! Flaming hot lol. I love cheese with spice and if you like really hot spicy food you will love these. They remind me of the doritos roulette but hotter and every doritos is covered in spice not just a few.
Nice and cheesy
They're tangy...they're hot...and they're very cheesy.!! I really enjoyed them. They're good to dip into Doritos dips too for a good table snack when my friends pop round for a drink and natter!
So nice & addictive, the best by far. Nice tangy cheese taste.
love it
i have always been a fan of doritos and these did not disappoint! it has spicy kick to it which i love and isn't too overwhelming. smells divine.
Ugggggghhhh. Yuck
Sorry but these are awful! I'm not a massive fan of dorritos but thought I'd give these spicy ones a go. Still the nasty cardboard texture and choking smell but now they have an extra nasty chemical on them that is meant to be "chilli". Its so hot it burns you mouth! Why would any body want this!!! Not for me I'm afraid as just incredibly hot but that's it. Theres no actual cheese flavour as the chemical spice just burns your mouth!
Flamin Hot Cheese Doritos
I love these! It's such a nice flavor with a kick of spice, the spice kicks in after a while. At first you wonder how it says it's spicy on the packet, but really it is. I think this product is something that spicy fans will like and handle
Pretty spicy
Surprisingly spicy, works really well with the Doritos Dips. The flavour of the cheese also comes through. It's essentially a mix between tangy cheese and chili heatwave. I would recommend.
Not "Blow your head off" Spicy
I tried these as I love spicy food and thought they'd probably be quite mild. They are SPICY!! However, as hot as they are, they have a nice flavour and taste to them and dont just burn your taste buds off. Spicy with a slight tomatoey tang to them. Would definitely buy again.
Like teyjng new flavor
Not very disappointing... I like trying new flavour and products liked it its hot and I liked it. I like the spice level of this product
Lovely new flavour, as long as you like hot. They do make you fingers messy so have to keep liking them
Yummy but leaves a mess!
These are a nice variety on the standard ones I buy. They do leave a rather cheesey residue on your fingers after.

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