4.1 5 0 47 47 <ul><li>Seriously tasty Ultimate Cheese flavour Doritos tortilla chips</li> <li>The ultimate sharing snack with a bold new flavour and classic Doritos crunch in one ultra-portable and resealable triangular tube</li> <li>Enjoy Doritos Stax on-the-go or share with friends at picnics, parties and gatherings</li> <li>The Doritos Stax packaging is fully recyclable and widely recycled across the UK</li> <li>Suitable for vegetarians</li></ul>
Doritos Stax Ultimate Cheese
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Not recommended
Nice and cheesy flavour, but for the same price you can get a bigger bag of regular Doritos. Also the texture of those is weird and I don’t like it. Won’t buy it again
Loved the crunch, not as cheesy as I would like and a little overpriced, but overall pretty good snack
Good crunch
love the crunch these have but the flavour could be better, would be great if they were cheesier
Okay but a bit pricey
They are okay in flavour but overpriced for what they are. The one side of the crisp has flavour and the other side doesn't seem to have any. They are a different texture to the normal doritors. These are harder. I would buy them again, but only when they are on offer.
Kids love them
Loved this new product. Great flavour and great alternative to similar products
Very tasty
Another great product from Doritos.. So very tasty and crunch is great! the only downsize is the packaging design, it’s very hard to get your hand in the tube.
Dorito stax
Love the taste but cannot get my big hands down the bottom of the tub😕😂
Amazing. Myself and my family love them. We have tried all 3 flavours and theses come out on top.
Expensive bags are better
Not as tasty as they advertise the bags of tangy cheese have a better flavour and cost half the price
Expensive version of a rival product
Ok, not bad. Just don't understand why these are so expensive when you get a bag of the same things for less than half the price. Not great value.
Nothing like a good old fashioned Dorito
Double the price, it said double the cheese yet was no where near as good as an old fashioned tangy cheese Doritos. My daughter is obsessed with Doritos but even she wouldn’t eat these after she gave them a try.
Tasty snack!
Such a tasty snack,lovely flavour and perfect to share with my hubby while watching a film! Only downside is that when they are finished..you want more!
Great flavour
Loved this new product. Great flavour and great alternative to similar products
They can’t complete with the originals plus you pay more for them not wast of money
Top cheese
These are my fav doritos still are just as nice with home made nachos for the family yum

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