3.7 5 0 130 130 <ul><li>Seriously tasty Ultimate Cheese flavour Doritos tortilla chips</li> <li>The ultimate sharing snack with a bold new flavour and classic Doritos crunch in one ultra-portable and resealable triangular tube</li> <li>Enjoy Doritos Stax on-the-go or share with friends at picnics, parties and gatherings</li> <li>The Doritos Stax packaging is fully recyclable and widely recycled across the UK</li> <li>Suitable for vegetarians</li></ul>
Doritos Stax Ultimate Cheese
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Even better than the original doritos!
I absolutely love these, they are slightly thicker than the original doritos meaning they are even crunchier, which i love. They are also packed with flavour in every bite. The tube also means you get lots in and it's not full of air like bags are.
For cheese lovers
Very cheesy! :) If you like cheese, then it's a perfect choice for you. If not, this twice. The packaging is cool though, really easy to hold it and share it with friends. Recommended!
Very nice
I have tried these and there ok I defiantly prefer the orignal cheese flavour
nice cheese taste
The taste of this Doritos Stay is good, very cheesy, however when you want to dip it in salsa it brakes very easy and I end up digging in the salsa with my fingers.
So good
Bought the Doritos Stax Ultimate Cheese last week and can't believe how good they are . Love the new package too. The flavour is so yummy they was gone in minutes.
I actually really like this new product from Doritos. Everything from the new packaging to the cheese flavour - it has become a regular purchase of mine. Worth a try if you haven’t yet!
Not quite
They’re a tasty snack but have no distinct flavour and don’t pack a punch like a standard pack of Doritos OR a certain tubed crisp brand they’re trying to rival
I have these ago when there were on offer. They are a great alternative to a tortilla as they aren’t as thick. The lid doesn’t seal as much as I would like. Nice to have something different now and again.
Was expecting these to be like big Doritos stacked but when tried them they were quite thin and wasn’t as full of flavour as the actual bags of Doritos. Was bit disappointed but they were still not to bad to eat, I think I’ll be sticking to the bags of Doritos from now on as they are rammed with flavour unlike these
Full of flavour, delicious
These are really crispy and absolutely full of flavour so cheesy! My whole family love them. The pack size is also perfect for sharing.
Tried these and they state it as ULTIMATE CHEESE - Not true - Does not taste like cheese - just like corn chips
Tasty but pricey
Tried these after seeing the advert. Not sure what I was expecting but they are literally just the same taste as normal doritos. Which is nice, but for the price I was hoping for something a touch more. Very moreish and tasty but wouldn't buy again unless they were on offer.
Kids favourite
I didn't find it any different to normal cheese Doritos. It's a thinner and premium packed version. Either way we like , especially my kids so would definitely purchase again
Tasty but expensive
Very tasty but highly priced but till I would personally highly recommend if u can afford
Seen the advert had to buy some
I went out especially today to buy these after watching the advert I don’t eat many crisp but Doritos are my favourite when I do eat them What a fantastic idea, just like Pringle packaging but even better I love the whole idea, and I can pop the lid on and have more later.

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