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excellent product
very good product, skin feels very soft, 2 in 1 product i never used my shaving foam as it leaves skin silky n soft, smells very nice
Absolutely love this, not only is it a shower moose but it doubles up as a shaving foam, so I no longer need to use shaving foam. I love how soft my skin feels and the smell is just so nice. Love this product
Love this product! Will definitely repurchase. Smells divine, feels silky and leaves skin so moisturised. And affordable too. Would definitely recommend!
so luxurious
my skin felt so soft after using this love the smell too not too much just right. lathers up well only need to use a small amount. easy to use in the shower which is a bonus
Not good for Very Dry/Dry skin
I like the smell it is nice and strong, the whole bathroom smelt of this product after I had used it. The mousse is smooth and a little goes a long way. I don't like this product as much as I have Dry skin and after I used a towel to pat my skin dry my whole body felt stripped from its natural oils. I feel that this product cleanses my skin too much and I need to lather up with body lotion as fast as possible. I used up a whole bottle to try it out properly and also because I did not want to waste it but still do not like it. I don't think I would like to make another purchase of this product again.
Dove heaven
This product smells gorgeous and leaves your skin silky smooth and the price is good . Last a long time as you don’t need a lot as it goes a long way.
Got it loved it great on dry skin leaves me feeling soft & moustuised
Love Dove
Really love all Dove products, especially this one in my favourite fragrance. Good for sensitive skin.
Leaves skin feeling soft
You only need a small amount as it really foams up, nice light rose scent, skin felt moisturised and soft After use, only negative I found was the scent never Lasted long on your skin after use
Best shower foam!!
Since being at Uni I have been buying my own toiletries and one thing I am happy to spend money on is a shower gel which goes very foamy. This smells good and goes a long way. This is my all time favourite! 100% recommend and buy regularly myself!
Leaves skin silky
A great treat for your skin leaving a silky touch and without drying out the skin highly recommend
Great design
I really like that this product is so light, and that you can test the smell before you buy with the scratch and sniff. The smell is quite delicate and the mousse left my skin really soft.
Gorgeous Rose Oil Shower Mousse
This Dove Rose Oil Shower Mousse is gorgeous! A little goes a long way, leaving your skin feeling clean and soft. The fragrance is a delicate rose which smells fresh, unlike the “old lady” smell that some rose scented products tend to have. Used alone or with a sponge or shower puff, this mousse cleanses and then rinses away, leaving a delicate rose fragrance. The aerosol is easy to use, no fiddly opening while in the shower, and the product lasts a long time. Would recommend you try this product.
Excellent product
I took this to use on holiday as it was light to carry. The smell was lovely and it lasted my whole holiday as you really do no need to use much. One small squirt turns into al lot of foam so goes a long way. I would highly recommend this product.
Love this, smells amazing and the scent stays with you for ages. Leaves skin so soft too.

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