4.8 5 0 570 570 Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover uses its oxi powered formula and brush head attachment to get right to remove tough stains and odours from upholstery and carpets, in the home or car, and is ideal for pet owners.
Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover
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Best carpet cleaner I've tried.
Love this product! The brush on the end is fantastic for getting into the carpet fibres. It leaves the carpet as before, without discoloration.
Does the job
Great product! Gets the stains out of my carpet but doesn't clean my carpet as much as I'd like it to! But over all I think it's a great product and would recommend
Great stuff never known it not to get a stain out used on settee carpet car upholstery and always brings the stain right out definitely would recommend especially if u have little ones
Best cleaner!!!
I've been buying hoards of this recently as I have a puppy and toilet training is proving difficult. This stuff is incredible at removing any stain from my carpet. I couldn't live without it!
Amazing product!
Finally...a product that does what it says!! Very easy to use and really does make a difference!
Found it removed the stains but not the smell, make cat sprayed, but would buy again for stain removal. Just needs a scent that will cover the smell, but I do recommend
spills gone easily
this product has become a god send with having three cats and the weather being so wet.it cleans up behind dirty foot prints.quickly and effectively.i would recommend to all.brilliant
Multiple uses!
I love this for spills on my cream carpet, it’s also great for cleaning training shoes! Bargain product and would definitely recommend.
Great carpet cleaner but keep out of reach of children!
Super carpet stain remover with a very useful brush, however I didn’t realised that as soon as you tip it product starts running through so lost a lot of product and not great for child safety.
Perfect stain remover!
This is a great stain remover for carpets, leaves your carpet cleaner and with a fresh scent. Highly recommended for all those accidental spillages and children's mess. Very easy to use and overall a great product!
I have recently moved into a new property and with moving going on, it was hard to avoid marking the new carpets. This stuff brought all the stains straight out, love it! Best product
Brown to cream!
I used this in a heavy traffic area of my cream carpet at the end of my tenancy. It ended up CLEANER than the carpet that had been hidden under my couch! It’s amazing and leaves a fresh scent! 10/10
Fab for stains
I discovered this after someone recommended this on Facebook. I’ve used it on my carpets, sofa and car seats, and it’s always managed to get the stains out. I would definitely recommend, especially to someone with kids and animals.
with a big dog and messy child this product makes carpet cleaning not a major chore! when your done with the bottle it can be used to scrape ice of your vehicle when jack frost comes!
I have 3 dogs and light grey carpet (crazy I know) this stuff is super great for cleaning the mess they make, so handy to have the brush attached, really makes life a lot easier. Highly recommended

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