4.8 5 0 666 666 Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover uses its oxi powered formula and brush head attachment to get right to remove tough stains and odours from upholstery and carpets, in the home or car, and is ideal for pet owners.
Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover
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My go to for any stain
This cleaner is remarkable. Lovely fresh smell, easy to use and does the job every time. Particularly good for vomit or during potty training! I have recommended this to several people sll of whom agree it's great value for money
Dr Beckann stain remover
I tried this after seeing in the supermarket. I have had other makes and not found something as good as this . It has a nice brush with a sponge in the middle at the top you can squeeze the bottle for a little or more if needed. I went in a circular motion to clean up some rec sauce on a light carpet also used it to lift blackcurrant stain off the carpet. I have to say I was presently surprised that it didn't leave any marks nor hard dry patches. It came straight off no problems at all .Yes I would use again and recommend to anyone
Best stain remover ever
We have tried other carpet cleaners but this is do much better by miles. It is so easy to use with the brush applicator. Every stain we have used it has successfully removed and it dries quickly too. The only carpet stain remover we now use.
Best invention ever
Tried this on my carpet after spilling red wine from the previous night. Worked wonders and the strain vanished.
Great for those little emergencies
I have a carpet cleaner but this is handy for those small stains that occur now and again. Brilliant when used straight away on a new stain; haven't tried it on dried in marks. But obviously very popular as hard to get at the moment in my nearest supermarkets.
Gets absolutely anything out of carpets!
Wine, food, beer, coffee? THis can get it out. I will never buy anything else! Its easy to use, the brush helps distribute the product easily and it doesn't smell or damage the pile.
Got this as a present !! from my mum as my puppy had a accident on my white carpets did the job did not have no problems quick and easy to use definitely recommend to a friend
Had high hopes
Was really keen to try this after everyone saying how good it was but personally I’m not the biggest fan. Unless I was doing it wrong but some stains didn’t come up, the smaller real fresh stains did. Would probably purchase again just to try it out again.
Quick and easy!
I've tried this out on multiple different stains and have yet to be disappointed. It's quick and easy to use due to the little brush and gets the job done with only a small amount of product.
Great for spills and pets
We have long hair cat who has a lot of hair balls. this product is great to clean any stains that this has created on our carpets. The brush is great as you can work any stain that has also dried into the carpet
A must have if you have carpets.
I was so dubious about the effectiveness of this product but thought it would be a good idea to keep one in the house having just had light carpets fitted. Thank goodness I did. I managed to spill a full glass of red wine on pretty much brand new cream carpets. Honestly couldn’t believe how effective this was. The stain was completely removed to the point you couldn’t tell it was ever there. Very impressed.
So good for stains
Really easy to use and makes a huge difference when we use this. Gave it a quick go on the mattress as well and it made a difference to an old stain so good stuff. Would recommend
This is the first time i have used this product and i was really happy with the results, worked fast and didnt have to use alot of it.
Mum must have
This is fantastic for messy kids! I won’t be without it
Really good!
I really like this product and as it’s great for emergencies. I have used to clean spill and pet accidents on the carpet and everything came out well. I tend to always come back to this product as it’s very easy to use and it always does the job.

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