4.8 5 0 688 688 Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover uses its oxi powered formula and brush head attachment to get right to remove tough stains and odours from upholstery and carpets, in the home or car, and is ideal for pet owners.
Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover
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Lovely scent, smells fresh, leaves carpet clean, almost as new. The brush top is useful and easy to apply, just make sure you make a small hole and not remove completely the film on the lid, otherwise too much of the solution will come out at once
Spot cleaning
I dont use this product in the traditional way, i do however use it on my mattress as my 4 month old eventually ends up in our bed and will leave me an unexpected gift for me to clean. It works wonders on the odd stain and so easy to clean.
This product is amazing! I have a cream carpet and a one year old.. these two do not make a good combination. I found this product on special one time in Aldi and thought i would give it a go, its amazing! I haven't had one stain that this product could not remove. the product slowly lets out cleaning product through a foam which is surrounded by bristles that help scrub those stains away would highly recommend
Cleaning up the mess.
I've had lots of workmen walking through the house lately, upgrading everything from the electric to new cupboards n windows and insulation, theres dirt and dust everywhere. The light coloured carpets are taking a beating. So I bought a bottle of Dr. Beckmann Carpet StainRemover. It's even got it's own wee brush for a nozzle and is so easy to use. You slightly squeeze the bottle as you rub the carpet with the brush head. It's got a very fresh smelling scent. It eliminates stains and also odours. I've taped a wee bit of carpet off to show the difference, it'll be even brighter once it dries. Would recommend this product.
This is my saviour
Had spilled coffee on my carpet and this product did amazing job. Cleaned it with no signs that there was coffee spilled. Very much recommending this magical carpet stain remover.
Brilliant brush cleaner
This is so handy for those moments where you get a stain in the carpet! It has a handy brush which helps remove deep stains. It has a clean smell to it which helps and no need to rinse.
this works really well on cleaning my stairs just the right size and it really works. the smell is nice too feels like the carpet is getting clean its great for spots of dirt on the carpet too
Need it in your home !
This product is amazing it works! I have a dog and little girl and it’s perfect in any occasions. When they split drinks in carpet or if dog walks in when it’s rain. I always buy this product and I would never change it no matter what’s the price. It’s comfortable in use and it doesn’t take much place. You don’t need to mix it with anything perfect for me!
Excellent product
Used this to clean my car seats and they came up beautifully. Using this product was easier than using a machine as it did not soak the seats but still gave them the clean they needed. Brought tired looking grubby seats back to life. Would recommend this
Great at spot stains
This product never lets me down, great for quick spot cleans on carpets and mattresses too
Magic product
My son made a huge stain of kids paint in our room we couldn’t get it clean. At the end I bought this carpet cleaner and the stain is gone. Amazing!
A great product cleans well with fab applicator for easy application
I wish I could give this more stars! It works magic, great if you have pets or messy children. I always keep a bottle of this in the house, the brush helps get rid of difficult marks. My one criticism is that it’s so easy to make the hole too big (or remove the seal completely) and end up using way too much each time.
Smells good
although this smelled lovely I didnt feel that it gave the carpet a brilliant clean when using it. It did lift some of the bad smell from the spill though.
It's okay
Used this after I saw such awesome reviews, it did seem to clean the carpet quite well! The smell of it was so strong though, I could almost taste it though. Will need to try it again on one of my lighter carpets next time, to see the results better :)

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