Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin™ Cream Mist

4.9 5 0 28 28 This intensive, moisturising creamy mist provides immediate refreshing hydration and comfort to dry skin. Skin feels supple, smooth and super moisturised right away.
Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin™ Cream Mist


Decent Mist
This is a nice face mist, is good for all skin types but some oily skin types might find it a bit heavy. Its got a really good spray on it and moisturises the skin. Can be sprayed in between skincare steps or over make up.
Mediocre product
I bought this product only once, and probably wouldn't buy it again. A mist as a moisturizer seems a bit weird to me. However, it really does deelpy moisturize your skin, leaving a dewy look. I would recommend it to people who wouldn't mind a mist as a moisturiser
Good mist
Very nice mist but if you wear makup better to put as primer as it does have leave this tiny film of cream when you spray it. I mean is great, DR Jart products are very high quality and amazing for sensitive skin
Excellent during winter
I use this product during winter when my skin needs some extra hydration. Excellent product with great ingredients and helps create a barrier between going from the outside cold to central heated homes. I wouldn’t be without. Excellent product
Love it
Lovely scent, love all the ceramidin collection from dr jart - leaves your skin smooth, hydrated and generally looking better/fresher. Wish they were bigger bottles but would recommend!
Dr Jart
Very intensive, moisturising creamy mist that provides immediate refreshing hydration and comfort to dry skin. Skin feels supple, smooth and super moisturised right away. I was highly impressed and would definitely recommend and buy again.
Hydrating and light weight
This product keeps my skin glowing and hydrated. It helps to apply this before my makeup. Keeps everything healthy and smooth. Good addition to my skincare routine.
It just amazing product and my skin really feels smooth and supple
Good brand great product
The right product for me, I will definitely buy it again.
Cream for damaged skin barrier
Since I am a cosmetologist, very often my clients come with acne problem. But many people don't realise that acne needs to be moisturised. Otherwise, the skin begins to produce more oil to protect the skin and, as a result, more acne on the face. This cream is a great way out for people, with acne, which will help protect your skin and restore. At the same time, it does not contain components that cause acne. I recommend it, because I use it in everyday care myself, every day. Great makeup cream, the skin is moisturised and there will be more even makeup
Nice cream
Really lovely moisturiser. I’m on my third pot and really like this. It’s easy to apply and feels like a long drink for my skin. Best moisturiser I’ve bought for ages.I love it
Excellent product
A great product to use for a quick refresh. Makes your skin feel so soft , hydrated and less tired . Definitely recommend
Penetrates skin barrier
This range is perfect for penetrating your skins natural barrier and hydrating deeper with in. This leave the skin soft and supple and perfect for peeping skin before make up or just for a quick freshing up.
Love it!
Love this whole range. Keeps my skin hydrated in the harshest of conditions. It is smooth and make your face feel so soft. My skin has never felt this good in the winter. Definately recommend!
Love it
Dr Jart has always been a reference for sensitive skin and this cream is the best in cold weather due to its silky texture. It is also very easy to put on the face and absorbs easily into your skin with an easy to recognise fragrance.

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