4.3 5 0 43 43 E45 Eczema Repair is a scientifically proven emollient cream, designed to treat symptoms of Eczema. With omega fatty acids to help repair the skin barrier and keep it moisturised for 24 hours Provides a protective layer that helps to lock moisture into the skin and helps keep irritants out to avoid triggering new flare-ups Soothes very dry and itchy skin
E45 Eczema Repair 200ml
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Works but greasy
I am prone to dry skin and eczema since childhood, and have used E45 since childhood. This one does work well, not always in 24 hours. My main gripe that it is quite greasy comparing to other creams.
it's amazing, my skin was a bit dry and cracked i used it for about a couple of months and my skin looks really smooth, I'd reccomend it to anyone with dry skin
This is great for eczema and really dry skin for all ages
Relief for when you have eczema
I have really bad eczema on my hand that flares up at an awkward time but this cream gives me itch relief as well as sooth and help the healing of broken skin caused by overly dry skin. I have recommended this to family members with eczema.
I had tried so many products for my skin and nothing was working, so I was hopeful when I discovered this product. Unfortunately it didn't help me and I found the formula was very heavy. I'm sure it must help some people, but it wasn't for me
Wasn't a fan
I suffer from eczema and the back of my calf and I've tried just about everything out there with no luck. I saw this and thought I would give it a try. At first I liked the feeling of it, it sunk into my skin but didn't leave a weird film like others tend to do. However, after a week of using regularly, I noticed it was drying my skin out and making my already sore and broken skin worse. I've not used it since
Great product
Eczema can be a nightmare to treat a flare up but this product really gives you relief and quite quick also ! Fab for all ages aswell young and old !
This is a great body product for dry skin my teenage daughter uses it when her exma flares up and it clears it in a couple days .also great price.
My daughter suffers with eczema and at the age of 2 it's hard to find things that won't be too harsh on her skin. My friend recommended this E45 cream and honestly it's a gods send. The cream itself is very thick so although it needs a good massage into the skin afterwards it sinks in and creates this protective layer of the effected area. I also noticed it reduced her itching it which is amazing. Highly recommend. Non greasy easy to apply. Just an incredible product in general.
My son has eczema
A trusted brand and recommended by a friend. This eczema cream was easy to apply and soaked into the skin after a decent massage to skin. I needed to rub a lil while as the cream itself is quite thick. The results were almost immediate in reducing the itching
Skin feels nice again
I have only just started getting a bit of Eczema on one elbow. Its odd I am getting now at my age. So I looked around to see what one would was the best. E45 Eczema Repair seem to come out the best and it is the best did what it said on the box my elbow cleared up fast and me skin felt like new not rough. So now I keep this handy knowing this works 100% Great cream for Eczema
Really pleased with the results.
I suffer eczema and dry skin and have tried many different creams/moisturisers over the years. I was really impressed with this cream. It hasn't cured the eczema but it has made a big, visible difference. And on my dry skin it has also been a blessing. I saw the results after just a couple of uses and it just got better after continuing to use it.
A must-have product
I have had eczema since I was a child and have tried many creams to ease the symptoms over the years, E45 is by far the best product I have ever tried, it soothes the itching, helps heal skin breakouts and cracked skin and makes my skin feel silky smooth instead of scaly and sore. I make sure I always have a supply for when I need it.
Really good
I and both of my children have eczema and have tried lots of different lotions, this is one of the best. Not too greasy and sinks in really well
Dry skin relief
Soaks in really quick and helps to relieve itching and pain within minutes.

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