Ella's Kitchen The Red One

4.8 5 0 346 346 Hello I’m 100% organic squished fruits packed with apples, bananas, strawberries, watermelon juice, raspberries + dash of lemon juice. I’m a handy smoothie fruit snack with nothing else added, not even water.
Ella's Kitchen The Red One


My daughter loves it
My daughter is 21 Months now but still loving Ella’s kitchen, this red one is her absolutely favourite and always have to have one on me when we go out, perfect snack while we on the park or out and abt
Very good
My three year old loves it to this day. She had it from very early age and we are very happy with all of the Ella’s kitchen products. Highly recommend as a child’s addition to a lunchbox
Great for upping fruit intake!
We love these pouches in our house. It really helps to get our children to eat different fruits they might not ordinarily eat. They are also extremely handy for lunchboxes or on the go, as they do not need to be refrigerated. A great healthy snack!
Daughter loves it
A regular go to snack for daughter. She loves the taste and easy convenient packaging we used to squeeze onto a spoon for her now she sucks straight from the bottle. Great healthy little snack.
My son loves these! I attended a work event and the man that made them explained it was his daughter that inspired him to make them and it’s actually her that named them! They’re the best
My son loves these
My son absolutely loves these. His go to flavour
Used these all the time when my children were younger. So handy to take on holidays, aeroplanes and just always use to have a few different types and flavours in my bag, just incase. My children loved the flavour.
Great product, so easily taken out and about handy for weaning. My toddler loves the bright colours on the packaging and seems to enjoy the flavours. A versatile product that can be used in so many ways, such as spread on toast, mixed with yogurt etc.
Great product, my child just love it. Eye catching Package. Highly recommend.
Great weaning start
My nephew is being weaned and this was one of the first things we allowed him to try. He absolutely loves it and cries when we don't feed him fast enough! Ellas Kitchen are now our go to for pouches.
great product
this is a great product, i really recommend it, my little one’s favorit
My baby loves this!
My 9 month old baby loves them so much, I tried one as well and understand why she keep asking for them. Very tasty! They are really affordable as well , which is very nice.
My little one loves these
Think the Ella’s pouches are great for on the go. My daughter loves them. I usually get two sittings out of one of these pouches and think they are fairly priced.
daughter loves it
My daughter loves these has it allntge time they are really use to feed as you can buy the spoon attachment or can be sucked straight from pouch
Love it
Easy healthy meal for my baby he loves it when im in a hurry and cant mAke a meal i use it for him he loves it

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