4.8 5 0 13 13 A rich and creamy caramel cheesecake swirled with dulce de leche toffee on a digestive biscuit base. Finished with a layer of salted caramel and almonds "Serves 12"
English Cheesecake Salted Caramel Cheesecake
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Best cheesecake on earth
Wonderful and tasty cheesecake would definitely recommend this to try amazing pudding for after tea 👍👍
Cheesecake heaven
I find making cheesecake laborious, and can never find a good cheesecake when I go out. These however are amazing! So rich and heavenly, these are a little taste of heaven, packed full of flavour, these cakes tick all of the boxes, a must have at any tea party
Wowzer this is one good cheesecake what more could you want! Nice taste and fills the little hole you have left after a nice meal!
The king of cheesecakes
What is there not to love !!! Salted caramel and cheesecake. This company produces amazing cheesecakes continuously but this is far th3 best one. If you haven't tried this then you are seriously missing out!. Go and order Now !!!!
Absolutely Lush!
This may be considered a costly dessert, however we found that it easily fed 12-14 people. The base is lovely and crisp, with a velvety soft cream centre. Best of all is the caramel topping, salty, but not too salty, it was devoured by adults and kids alike. I would purchase again without a thought, however only when I was feeding at least people. I would recommend. I would also like to try any other products this company make.
The best cheesecake ever, most suitable for those who have a sweet tooth. Perfect for dinner parties or as a chill time dessert
This is one of the best cheese cakes ì have tasted .it is smooth and creamy, very light and fluffy the topping ìs verý tasty but verý sweet
This cheesecake makes you addictive! You start with one piece but can't stop:)
The best
ENglish cheescake company you are the best, delight to the senses.
Simply divine
I’ve had a few different flavours from the cheesecake company all have been gorgeous. Bit on the expensive side but well worth it for a special treat.
This product is absolutely delicious. It has a super smooth, creamy texture and a rich look. It tastes amazing and is very satisfying
Omg it's amazing!
This cheesecake is absolutely amazing, it is rich and creamy! It is very moorish, deliciously sweet but not too much so. The only thing is I didn't buy enough the first time round and had to go and get more! Would reccomend buying a whole.cheese cake a slice just womt be enough!
Not really a cheesecake fan but loved this! Was really nice
Havent tryed yet but next on my list .. it looks so nice .fab when the grandchildren come
Sounds really good. Cheese cake sounds Delicious to me. I love cheesecakes!

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