4.7 5 0 73 73 Established in 1974, we believe in harnessing the power of nature without harming it in the process. Our products are made using the highest quality, naturally derived, cruelty-free ingredients, with 100% natural fragrance - and they work beautifully. This fresh and fruity blueberry shampoo is packed with antioxidants and will help to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. This great-smelling shampoo is also Vegan and Cruelty-Free. <ul> <li>Made using 100% natural fragrance</li> <li>Made with essential oils</li> <li>No Parabens and SLS</li> <li>Vegan and Cruelty-Free</li> <li>99% Natural Origin</li> </ul>
Faith in Nature Blueberry Shampoo
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Faith shampoo
love this shampoo. Earlier, I used shampoos from supermarkets and I had terrible problems with my scalp - it was itchy + dandruff. After two washes I felt relieved. The hair has become soft and shiny. I use different scents
Its a lovely natural shampoo, great fragrance and leaves my hair smooth, shiny and soft
Does what it says on the tin.
Nice shampoo, good ingredients. Lathers well and leaves hair squeaky clean. A good basic shampoo than smells nice. Works nicely with the conditioner. Does the job. No Silicones so hair can feel a little rough to begin with as no plastics making it feel smooth but this is a good thing longer term.
Smells incredible!!
Faith in nature products are second to none, they all smell so good that you could eat them! And recyclable bottle makes it even better. Cruelty free and vegan with no bad ingredients, what's not to love!! Best brand ever!
Amazing smell
I love use this shampoo. Amazing smell.It’s a bit more expensive that other shampoos but I feel it’s worth the difference as it’s paraben free and doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients.
Not Bad ...
Not only is it important to me how a shampoo or conditioner feels and smells like while showering, but also afterwards. After drying my hair it still smells very lush. The scent of lavender stayed in my hair for about two days, after which I washed it again. I like beauty products that leave a lingering scent, this product is subtle enough for it to be enjoyable. The only thing I was concerned about is the packaging. Because, well, let’s be straightforward: it’s plastic and that sucks. BUT! Yes, there is a but. Faith in Nature offers refills all over the country.
Herby goodness
Having switched to cruelty free products, shampoo was the one thing that worried me as my scalp can become irritated so I stuck to one particular brand which I was ok with for years. But so glad I did go cruelty free to discover this shampoo and conditioner - it leaves my hair feeling light, clean and springy (in a good way, my hair can go so flat!) Plus it has that amazing aromatherapy scent which gives you a nice start to the day. The labelling is stylish too.
Lovely fragrance & cruelty free
I have a few different products from Faith in Nature. I've been looking to try more natural products during my occasional flair of dermatitis & I find shampoo is one of the musts to change during a flair. I'm vegetarian and try to go for cruelty free and vegan products where I can, so this was an added bonus. And ... THE FRAGRANCE!! Gorgeous.
Brilliant product
The shampoo does exactly what it should while leaving an amazing fragrance on the hair. The brand is natural and cruelty free which is great too .
Very good shampoo, does great job cleansing the hair, leaving them squeaky clean, soft and smelling amazing. Huge plus for being vegan and cruelty free, also no nasty ingredients inside.
Beautiful fragrance!
This smells divine! I love the shampoo and the conditioner too! I’m a big fan of this brand as they are vegan and cruelty-free plus no nasty ingredients in their products. Leaves your hair fresh and smelling beautiful. Highly recommend.
Ticks all the boxes
I like this range although. It isn't the cheapest product on the market but is affordable and worth the money. Smells very nice,had a few of there smells now and they are all really nice. The fact its vegan friendly and not tested on animals is brilliant as that is what we as a family look for in products.
Most amazing scent
Bought this my for curly hair girl ! We do the curly girl method this is silicon paraben n sulphate free ! Really moisturises and nourished her hair leaving it super soft and shiny ! Give her the best curls and smells divine x
Smells amazing. Cruelty Free
oh this is good. Smells lovely, hair is soft and swishy and smells good, and there's no horrible ingredients in it. The whole family are converted.
Smells divine!
What is not to love! No nasties in Faith in Nature products and if you then go on to purchase the Super sizes you can pour into the existing bottles to help cut both carbon footprints & reduce your plastic usage. The shampoo is great for all hair types, put particularly those who have greasier hair. Containing no nasties it’s particularly good for children, sensitive skin & itchy scalps. & for sulphate free shampoo it’s a bargain, especially considering how much you get in a bottle. This brand is my family favourite!

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