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Garden Gourmet 2 Tender Carrot & Lentil Bakes
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Excellent little patties
Overall a winner. They taste and eat (i.e.: bite and mouthfeel is good...) really well. It's only the price that I feel is dear - but do I have the time to make these at home? No. Well, then....
Try some.
Absolutely loved these, buy a pack and have a try :). Lovely texture and taste, much better than beef burgers any day.
Good Veggie burger
A nice alternative to usual veggie burgers although are quite big in size. Very versatile and nice texture being a bit meatier than most alternatives.
Lovely product
I liked this product a lot, it's different from other meat subsitutes. It's nice to have something with veggies inside inside of being just soy, and this had a lovely and subtle taste. I had it in a sandwich and it was really good.
never heard of it be for but looks yummy id be willing to try it and write a review thank you.
I'd love to try these and other products in their range. I have never seen this brand anywhere so it must be new. I would be very willing to try these and any other vegetarian food products. Also where can I buy these bakes from please???
I would really like to try these, where can I get them from
Recently I have been trying to eat less meat and more vegetable based dishes, I like the sound of these. They don't sound processed and only made with natural ingredients, I will be keeping an eye out for these when I go shopping next
It would be nice for there to be a meal, ready made with protein packed lentils, etc, to save time preparing such a thing yourself so would love to try them
Going veggy as of three months ago would love to try these🙄
I would love to try these as I like trying new things x
I wish if I can try this new style products. I has very strange features, and it has attractive cover. We can see that the recipe is unique. I WISH IF WE CAN TRY THIS PRODUCT. THE REALITY WOULD BE DISCLOSED, AND IT IS BETTER UNDERSTOOD IN TERMS OF PRACTICALITY.
Am tryi.g to eat healthier & this looks amazing do would like to try please
Oooh I love lentils and this sounds a delicious new way to try them!
I have recently joined a slimming club and it is sometimes difficult to find something that can be added to a meal and with summer here this would be an ideal meal on its own

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