Garden Gourmet Simply Chicken Style Fillets

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Garden Gourmet Simply Chicken Style Fillets


These were easy to prepare and tasted great in a wrap or salad, I was pleasantly surprised by the texture and flavour
Lovely range
This range is one of the nicest alternatives ive tried and actually really tasty. Golden crunchy coating to them and not much taste difference to normal ones. One i would but again
Very tasty
I love these! They are so tasty, sometimes it is hard to find vegetarian meat products that are flavoursome but I really enjoyed these! The texture is a bit harder than I would have liked, but then again the taste makes up for it. Recommend to any veggies who miss the taste of chicken!
A fillet by any other name?
Although I rail against the 'chicken-style' in the name - why would a veg product need to be like meat, any way? - I understand that this works for the general public! An organoleptically balanced vegetarian option on 'fillets' that works really well for anything you'd like to make. Works well as fajita, stir fry in an sauce, etc., etc., across most any cuisine you can think of. Yes, even within (Chinese) dumplings or wontons. yum!
i love my chicken
i love my chicken, this is most popular meat in our family. these garden gourmet chicken range is fantastic, very good taste, spices and shape of these fillets. children approved!
Garden Gourmet Gorgeous!
Garden Gourmet have created an amazing chicken alternative, super tasty, great with salads, sandwiches!
Very tasty and enjoyable product. I Would have never guessed it wasn’t meat. Will be adding to my weekly shopping list
Great flavour and easy meals!
Great way to further meals as an additional ingredient or fab in quick sandwiches for lunchboxes. Has been a hit in my home and will definitely buy again
Differe t
Very enjoyable product. Would have not guessed it wasn’t meat. Will have again
Garden gourmet in general seems to be winning our hearts over qroun. My kids love all the products from this brand. I hope they keep it up with more products
Amazing taste and good price
I loved this product! It has a very peculiar taste and it's different from other soy based products, I feel like eating something fancy. It's very versatile too and can be used in a variety of different dishes.
You would not know
Trying to eat less meat, less fat but can't create vegetable masterpieces? Yep, me too! These were a God send. I had them in a wrap and honestly there isn't much difference between these and chicken.
I love it. I focus on combination of healthy and tasty ingredients. It is very simple to cook or i say it's so easy.i am a foodie woman and my husband gourmet simply chicken style fillets is in my husband is a diabetic patients,so we mosty preferred to high in protein dishes and fiber this is perfect to me.simple & easy to follow the instructions .so i say something for everyone.

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