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Garnier Active Pure Anti Blkhead Mask
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Not very good
Tired this instead of my usual strips and although easy to apply was awful to remove. Skin was sore and very red afterwards and didn’t notice any blackheads come out to be honest. Not impressed so would not recommend.
Not bad!
I decided to give this a go to see if it was better than the strips. I used it after washing my face with warm water but I think it would have been more effective after a shower or steaming my face. It is satisfying pulling it off though! It pulled out a little bit of gunk and facial hairs
Good blackhead removal
I liked this product, it does what it promises, removed most of my blackheads and left my skin feeling nice and soft afterwards. I would recommend to combine it with the other pure active products for a better result.
Oh the Pain
I wanted to remove a few Blackheads so gave this a try. Easy to apply let it set then remove. Trying to remove it was very painful it felt like my sin was coming with it. It had removed the few blackheads I had but my who face was red and felt sore. The redness went by the next day. Don't think I will be using this again.
Brilliant stuff
This is brilliant. Didnt no my nose was that bad. It even grabs dead skin
Nice feeling
Nice product and working with good effect on my face. Skin was really soft. Takes little more time to take it off.
Works well
Used this product a few times. Easy to apply, takes a while to set, but once it comes off - you can literally see the ‘gunk’ that comes with it. I find it easy to take off but never comes off in one piece for me. But certainly leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed!
I like it
I’ve use a few of theses types of products but this one is one of the better ones out there
Blackhead mask
Love the feel of the mask on your face and how it leaves your face feeling so soft when it's off. Does what it should, would recommend and have recommended to others.
love seeing has much gunk has came off my face weirdly satisfying
Great results but not worth the pain
I have a lot of bother with my t-zone and chin so I was excited to try this. It applied really well, didn’t smell too bad and had a smooth texture. It took roughly 30 minutes to completely dry, and when I started to peel it off boy did it hurt. I felt so much pulling at my skin, with every individual hair feeling like it was being ripped out. I managed to persevere getting the majority off then had to just wash off the excess. Granted my skin feels smoother and cleaner but my skin was red for about an hour after and I couldn’t apply anything to the area it was so sensitive. I would use it again on my nose again but not back on my chin or anywhere else.
As with most face masks, a little messy to put on but I have to say that this is the absolute worst pain ever experienced when trying to take it off! Would not use again for that reason.
This face mask is easy to apply to your face and works well. However, the face mask can be painful to peel off from your skin and left my face red for a little bit afterwards.
Good results
Found this mask really good helped unclog pours and was really easy to apply. I’d say this was properly the best thing about the product. However I have to say when it came to taking the mask off it was fairly painful to get off and for me this put me off using it again however my partner was that please with the results he’s happy to reuse it. The texture is thick and the mask is good quality but sadly this wasn’t for me.
Not as good as the strips
I think this is a fad, though a good idea taking off is painful and a messy business getting it on your face. I would recommend using Biore Black Nose strips and face strips - a lot easier and better results

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