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Not as good as the strips
I think this is a fad, though a good idea taking off is painful and a messy business getting it on your face. I would recommend using Biore Black Nose strips and face strips - a lot easier and better results
One word ouch!
This product leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed but it is really painful when trying to take the mask off. (Felt like I was ripping my skin off) but I would recommend especially for the way it leaves your skin feeling after the torture.
Hurts so much. It gets very hard and it is so painful to peel off however it does the job!
Overall really good product
Lovely. Need to lather it on quite thick to get it to peel off easily though. Overall it made my skin feel quite nice
i love using Garnier products and this charcoal mask is by far outstanding, it removes the black heads from my T-zone area which is prone to impurities and leaves my face feeling much more softer and smoother than before.
worth the buy
i was so looking for this product . i have black heads issue on my nose ,chin so i apply it and i have clean brightening face .its easy to use and no mess at all.
Great product
Its great, does what it says! I like the fact that it is a peel off mask because it's less messy.
Great product for people with blackheads
I always put this on around a week before my menstrual. As I have hormonal breakheads it brings all the dead skin of the surface get rid of black heads. But can bring ance out. But after couple of days. Skin feels better not irrated
Great results
This mask left my face feeling refreshed and deep cleaned. It was easy to apply and to remove. Highly recommend for a deep cleans.
fab product
pores are less visable after using this, its ridiculous how much comes off your face after using this product and i cleanse everyday, does hurt a bit when peeling off not goung to lie, and a bit pricey but with the results you get would definitely buy again
I'm an ance suffer since age of 13 (now 25) I use this weekly on a Sunday morning and it clears my skin amazingly. Love love love this product.
Amazing how much dirt came off what I thought was a clean face😬. Easy to use and work really well.
Worked for me. Very effective at removing blackheads from the t zone. Pores were less visible after use. Very easy to use and no mess afterwards. A bit on the pricey side but would buy again.
Face was pore miracle
Fantastic for lazy dry skin. After skin was soft and clean
Amazing and it works well!
It's really good. Gets rid of dirt and oils out of you're skin and unblocks you're pores. I will definitely be buying this again as it's helped with my oily skin and to help prevent acne on my tzone!

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