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Garnier Active Pure Anti Blkhead Mask
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Amazing how much dirt came off what I thought was a clean face😬. Easy to use and work really well.
Worked for me. Very effective at removing blackheads from the t zone. Pores were less visible after use. Very easy to use and no mess afterwards. A bit on the pricey side but would buy again.
Face was pore miracle
Fantastic for lazy dry skin. After skin was soft and clean
Amazing and it works well!
It's really good. Gets rid of dirt and oils out of you're skin and unblocks you're pores. I will definitely be buying this again as it's helped with my oily skin and to help prevent acne on my tzone!
i have quite a few charcoal products from garnier. i love this one as when you peel it off your skin feels silky smooth.
Very good product
This product is very good because I have very sensitive skin and I put it on left it on for the time peeled it off and my skin was lovely and soft
Does the job
I am very happy with this product. I have very sensitive skin so I was worried about using it but it has really helped remove my blackheads ( and some facial hair in the process) also leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh!
I tried this product and it left my face red for days and did absolutely nothing
Its ok
Not as good as i thought it would be, it sounds better than it actualy is, leaves skin soft but doesnt do as it says
Off with your blackheads!
The product covered evenly and dried to the touch in about 15 minutes, wow it sticks well. Having read some reviews on this type of mask I was nervous about removing. But it was not painful at all, I worked quite slowly, kind of rolling the mask downwards. I would say it was tingly as it tugged those nasty blackheads out. My face felt amazingly clean afterwards, I had no blackheads and my pores looked reduced. Only fault I could find was it's scent which I personally didn't find pleasant.
Good very good product i will recommend this product to those people that have porse and spots
Garnier Active Pure Anti Blkhead Mask
I enjoyed this BLKhead mask from Garnier.It adhered very well to my skin and wasn’t painful to remove.My pores Looks clear off any black heads and are visible smaller after using the mask.
This product left my skin feelin amazing and really cleared my pores out.
Works ok
Good product. Seems like amount to too less for the price you pay
Face mask
Was easy to apply was tricky to pull of but made my skin feel smooth a fresh

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