Garnier Skin Active 3in1 Charcoal anti-blackhead

4 5 0 286 286 <ul><li>Garnier Pure Active charcoal 3-in-1 scrub, wash and mask can be used daily to unclog blackheads and reduce the appearance of spots and blackheads.</li> <li>3-in-1 face product: use as a face wash, blackhead scrub or charcoal mask.</li> <li>The powerful combination of active ingredients helps to improve the skins complexion, leaving it visibly clearer.</li> <li>Salicylic acid targets shine, whilst naturally derived charcoal fights blackheads and removes dirt and impurities.</li> <li>Garnier Pure Active clear skin range has been designed to target oily skin, spots, imperfections and blackheads.</li></ul>
Garnier Skin Active 3in1 Charcoal anti-blackhead


Good value but there are better options
I used this for several years on my teenage, spot prone skin, before I discovered alternatives that work better for me. I really liked that it could be used both as a face wash and a mask, but overall I'm not 100% sure it had a positive impact on my skin. I sometimes felt like the 'scrub' part of this product, combined with the menthol, was quite harsh-feeling on the skin. However, this is a decent budget face wash with salicylic acid.
Easy to use helps my oily skin and leaves it feeling fresh and clean
Not worth it
Bought this product as it sells you a lot of benefits but in reality my skin never really changed. No benefits were seen and it was all round a waste of money. Used it as it was there but wouldn’t purchase it again
i got this to use as a mask mainly but i didn't feel that the mask made much difference. My skin didn't feel fresh and clean like normal. i will use it as a wash and scrub but was a bit disappointed
Didnt finish the bottle
I picked this up as it was on offer, however i didnt end up finishing the bottle. I felt like my skin didnt stay clean for long after and it left me feeling very dry. I have combination skin
3 in 1 cleanser
I found this effectively cleansed my skin and scrub works well. however, if left on as mask- this really dried out my skin and made it feel very tight. fragrance is bit too much for my skin. to be honest, I would save my money for something soothing. This might be okay for oily skin.
I love the feeling after using this. I feel my skin is soft and fresh. It helps me to reduce blackheads on my face
Face Wash
I get alot of black heads on the nose but after using this really reduced it down. If in a rush you can wash off quickly or if you have longer in the shower leave on a mask. Highly recommended by my husband and I.
Face wash
Excellent for daily use and for removing greasy facial skin.
not what i thought
i got this to use as a mask mainly but i didnt feel that the mask made much difference. My skin didnt feel fresh and clean like normal. i will use it as a wash and scrub but was a bit dissapointed
All in one mud cleanser
This is a great product as you can choose what type of wash your face needs making it versatile to suit your daily skin needs. I'd like it if they could make mini versions for travelling since this lasts ages and isn't travel friendly.
Good Product
Leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. A little bit goes along way so bottle lasts ages.
Works for teenager
I dont like this myself but has been a god send for my teenage daughter and helping to keep spots, black heads and blemishes at bay. She loves it and her face always looks clean. Can be expensive in certain shops so shop about
works well
A product that serves this purpose, although i did find that it felt similar to putting toothpaste on your face. I also never put this too close to my eyes (not that you should with any product, but definitely keep this one at a safe distance) as it gives a very ringing sensation and sometimes even a burning one if it gets too close.
Not bad
Had a sample given and I have to say it’s not bad smell isn’t great but makes your skin feel very fresh and clean

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