Garnier Skin Active 3in1 Charcoal anti-blackhead

4 5 0 304 304 <ul><li>Garnier Pure Active charcoal 3-in-1 scrub, wash and mask can be used daily to unclog blackheads and reduce the appearance of spots and blackheads.</li> <li>3-in-1 face product: use as a face wash, blackhead scrub or charcoal mask.</li> <li>The powerful combination of active ingredients helps to improve the skins complexion, leaving it visibly clearer.</li> <li>Salicylic acid targets shine, whilst naturally derived charcoal fights blackheads and removes dirt and impurities.</li> <li>Garnier Pure Active clear skin range has been designed to target oily skin, spots, imperfections and blackheads.</li></ul>
Garnier Skin Active 3in1 Charcoal anti-blackhead


Really good
I like this product it makes my skin feel and look really nice I use this every morning before applying my make up, smells really nice too, my partner started using it too and he likes it as well lasts ages you don't need too much
Love it
I git it for my husband but love it for myslef instead. Even though this is targeted at men, I thought I would try The exfoliation is good deeply cleanses all the black and white heads. Overall I love it would use this again.
Great face mask
I think this is great, I use it about 3 times a week as a face mask and it makes my skin feel so clean. It does sting a little when you first apply it, but that soon stop. Doesn’t really do anything about any blackheads, but does make your skin feel lovely and fresh afterwards.
Husbands favourite
My husband really likes this product. He has said it makes his skin feel fresh and clean. I have sneakily used this also and can confirm it does leave your skin feeling deep cleaned and soft. But don't tell my husband I have been using his!
okay product but messy!
Overall this isn’t a bad face product and the fact that you can use as a scrub, wash and face mask can be appealing to those who don’t want 100 different products laying around their bathroom. But as all things that are meant to serve multiple purposes it’s not amazing at any of them. For me the biggest downside is the fact that it’s quite messy - which I guess is to be expected with a charcoal formula. But I’m far too lazy to clean my sink everytime I want to use it.
i got recommended this from my wife, since i use it nearly every day, especialy after gym or when i work outside. i feel my face is more fresh and clean after
First time I've used and I was impressed with the feel. It made my skin feel softer and firmer. Smells good. My skin looks amazing after using this. I really recommend to try! Perfect!
Fantastic face wash for combination skin
Great face wash - leaves your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and refreshed, without drying it out, and seems to keep oil production in check for hours after use. Gentle enough for frequent use, but nonetheless does a great job of making you feel squeaky clean and nicely exfoliated. I also find the black colour fun, and it enables you to check that you've rinsed it all off more easily.
It's a no.
Can't stand this face wash, very much a gimmick with charcoal. No visible difference and just make my face feel tight afterwards.
It was a good product and got rid of my blackheads, I loved the fresh clean feel I got on my face afterwards, but wouldn't use it everyday, only when my pores were bad.
Clear skin
Love this got rid of my blackheads get soft clear smooth skin my Face feeling fresh
Good enough face wash
This product is a good enough face wash, my partner preferred it over me. I did get a good clean feeling.
Really like it m i use it often. Is really easy to use qnd it it 3 in one i love this.
great product
This is a great face wash, does the job, leave my skin smooth and fresh
great product
very good at removing blackheads. I found that the product foamed up nicely to make a great eeryday face wash as part of my skincare routine. I wouldn't pick it up in a shop necessarily, as the packaging doesn't really jump out to me.

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