4.5 5 0 34 34 Our ultimate remedy for normal to dry and dehydrated hair. Garnier Ultimate Blends Quenching Hydrator enriched with natural extracts of Coconut Water & Aloe Vera, hydrates without weighing it down, leaving hair soft and beautifully shiny.
Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Water & Aloe Vera Shampoo
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Smells lovely
I tried this as my hair was dry and brittle. It smells absolutely lovely. Once I’d made a lather in my hair they’re was so many bubbles to it. It washed out my hair really well but I think it was just too much for my hair as it left my hair with an oil like feeling.
Can't beat it
I have been using this product for a while now, it is currently my favourite shampoo. It smells great and leaves my hair looking soo fresh and even brings out the blonde in my hair.
Fresh and clean
This is a lovely shampoo, it literally leaves your hair squeaky clean and it has a gorgeous fresh fragrance. I've bought this product again. Highly recommended
Just another shampoo
I did like the idea of this as aloe Vera and coconut water are meant to be very good for your hair and the texture is very much like Aloe Vera but this is just the same as any other shampoo.
Good stuff
I bought this 2 or 3 times, After one use my hair felt so much better, I left it in my hair as long as I could in the shower, then I rinsed my hair like normal, the next day my hair looks much silkier, looks shiny.
Regular shampoo
My hair was shiny and smooth but I find it to be just a normal shampoo. nothing special about it in my opinion. Nice smell but hair does not feel soft, rather dry and very lught
It smells beautiful, take care of your hair, smells beautiful and looks great longer. I can recommend this product.
Smells Amazing
I really liked this shampoo but the consistency took some getting used to, it was like a gel/jelly and not creamy like I am used to. The smell is lovely and a little goes a long way and works up to a good lather. My hair was shiny and managable after use and I like that the bottle is clear and you can see easily when you are running low.
Coconut water shampoo
I love love love this shampoo. It smells amazing and as i have very dry hair it leaves my hair hydrated so smooth and soft. Anything that can put that much moisture into my dry hair is a winner. I recommend this product highly.
fantastic shampoo
This is fantastic shampoo for older kids and adults.If you are looking for something new this is it.It smell lovely,take good care of hair ,they smell lovely and look great for longer.I can recomended this product to you .
I love the result this product gives, my hair feels soft and has a good shine after use
Great Shampoo
Makes your Hair soft and shiny. Overall a great Shampoo
I forgot about this shampoo.....!
I can't believe that I forgot about this shampoo but thanks to having just spotted it on this website I will definitely be buying it again. I remember it being very light weight on my hair and not weighing it down at all (which is a must for my fine hair) and it has an incredible smell too.
Dreamy smell
This shampoo is a regular addition to our bathroom cupboard. It is used by my husband, son and I and we all really love the smell and the way it leaves our hair feeling so light and clean.
The best shampoo I've used
The best shampoo I've used. Amazing product, paraben and silicone free!! Leaves hair feeling refreshed, lathers up superbly, lovely coconut scent.

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