4.6 5 0 24 24 Yes: 98% Natural Origin - the remaining 2% ensure good preservation and sensoriality Yes: 100% Vegan* blend Yes: 95% Biodegradable Formula - as per OECD 301 or equivalent tests Yes: Dermatologically Tested Yes: Plant Oil No: Silicones for a natural feel Dig into Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Banana Shampoo to help nourish dry hair, blended with natural ingredient extracts of Banana & Coconut. Its light foam gently cleanses and nourishes dry hair, with no weigh down. For intensely nourished, healthy-looking hair. Complete your regime with our Nourishing Hair Food Banana Conditioner. For more intense nourishment dig into our Banana Hair Food 3-in-1 multi-use mask! Three ways to enjoy it: Conditioner, Mask, Leave In.
Garnier Ultimate Blends Nourishing Hair Food Banana Shampoo For Dry Hair
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Lovely product, makes my hair very soft and manageable.
Love it
Fantastic product infact I love the whole range hair feels soft and manageable and nourished
Love it!
This shampoo leaves hair really soft and smells amazing. The fragrance is long lasting and I can smell it throughout the day. It has natural ingredients and no silicones which is something I’ve tried to avoid lately. A new favourite!
Love the smell
I would recommend this to anyone. Smells lovely and so easy to brush after washing my hair
A real bliss
Felt in love with this yummy nourishing banana & coconut shampoo.Used along with its conditioner & the result was amazing.Hair was left cleaned,moisturized,easy to detangle,soft & smelled incredible.The banana fragance wasn't at all overwhelming as some would probably think of. I've used & loved all of the other different types of shampoos,conditioners & 3in1 hair food masks,from Garnier ultimate blends hair food range.Loved that all contained coconut.With this versatile fruit in them,any products would turned out to be amazingly good.At home,the kids found them very great to use.Its like we were washing our hair with real fruits blended into pure healthy juices.We can't go wrong with products which are made from 98% of natural origin ingredients,in a vegan formula & with no nasties like silicones.The 350ml colourful bottles are all recyclable.For us they ticked all the right boxes on our list.We'll surely buy again. Definitely recommend this shampoo & all the other ones to you all :)
Sleek hair
I wanted to try this shampoo and I really liked the smell, my hair felt hydrated and when using it,I feel I need to use it more and see how moisture my hair gets.
hmmmmm smells yummy
this shampoo leaves hair feeling clean and soft with a gorgeous smell, it moisturised my hair and left itso manageable
I love this shampoo, weren't expecting much from it but it left my hair so hydrated and shiny! It also smells fabulous I definitely recommend
I might get this again but I could not see a difference in the product.
Wouldn't rush buying it again
I was pretty excited to try this out, I thought it looked quite interesting, as it had a mix of coconut & banana and I do enjoy the smell of both. The first day my hair did feel good, but after a few days it started to become quite dry so I had to wash my hair again! Really put me off it.
Smells amazing!
This shampoo is lovely, it smells fantastic and fresh and fruity. The texture is really good, it isn’t watery or too thick and produces a good lather. I have given 4 stars just simply because I felt that the smoothness didn’t last longer than a day on my hair type but the day I used it and styled my hair it was very sleek, sadly it wasn’t a prolonged effect
Not as great as its counterpart
I loved the hair mask, so was expecting to love this too. But sadly its just didn't live up to the expectation and felt a bit lack lustre. I found it quite hard to foam up in my long lacks and it didn't feel that nice on my hair (made it feel a bit dry and ick). Not a fan sadly.
One of the best
This is a lovely shampoo, smells amazing and makes my hair silky smooth, bouncy and manageable.. I have curly hair and this is perfect for me.. doesn’t dry out my hair and has helped my split ends too..
I absolutely love this product. It smells like banana milkshake. It gives a good lather and you can kind of feel it working. It leaves my hair totally soft and frizz free.
Fabulous product
I have tried many products that have failed me unfortunately but this one I wasn’t disappointed in. It smells lovely and left my hair feeling clean, fresh and soft. Just the product I was looking for would definitely recommend to others

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