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Genius Gluten Free Sausage Rolls
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Really pleased to find gluten free sausage rolls at last! Great taste and texture..a little crumply but it is a small sacrifice!
This is a good product overall. I don’t think they quite compare to real sausage rolls but as a free from alternative a very good product. Kids liked them though not sure of would purchase again
GF best kept secret
Recently became GF for health reasons and thought it would be a huge struggle, particularly for quick and easy snacks. Then I discovered these. They are amazing! Who knew you could get a GF sausage roll? Sold!
Not bad at all
These sausage rolls are not the best I have tried (GF) but they are easy to find at Tesco and Asda. I found these of acceptable quality and the pastry was flaky. Great for tea with chips and beans
Just wish they were bigger. Great as a snack or a meal with mash and beans
Could be better
When I saw these available to buy from the GF freezer section in Tesco I was overjoyed! GF pastry isn’t easily accessible without making it from scratch so I was really excited. Humpfhhhh.... they were nothing to get excited about. They weren’t offensively rotten. However, the sausage meat could be of better quality! The pastry wasn’t too bad! TIP: brush a raw egg over them before they go in the oven! Would I buy them again? Probably, yes, when I really fancy a sausage roll and can’t be arsed to make pastry!
A Gluten-Free Delight!
After trying other brands of Gluten Free Sausage Rolls, I was highly delighted to come across these. At last, a GF Sausage Roll in a delicious flaky pastry that tastes good whether eaten hot or cold! I was diagnosed as Coeliac two years ago and have really missed having decent items for serving on a 'Buffet Table', but these fit the bill perfectly. Also ideal for lunch, picnics, children's teatime or a supper-time treat.
My favourite, hot or cold!
Whilst having skin issues I thought I may be coeliac and desperately looked for the perfect gluten free alternatives to my favourite foods and these did not disappoint! Turns out I am not coeliac but I still choose these over any other shop alternative, I'll cook both, have one hot and wrap one up cold for the next day!
My son has over 25 allergies. He is very reluctant to eat, I found these a fantastic substitute for when I was breastfeeding and following his diet. He loves them, he doesn’t eat a lot of foods but if these don’t arrive in the shopping you can gaurentee I will have to go to the shop for some for him he just loves them so much. They’re textured well unlike a lot of gluten free stuff, the meat is lovely and the pastry flakey.
Really nice
These are really nice and tasty but too small and quite expensive in relation to normal sausage rolls. I had mine warm with brown sauce - very tatsy
Was ok but the pastry could of been puff instead of shortcrust and they were a bit powdery
Great taste!
These sausage rolls tasted delicious! The pastry did have a strange texture and was not as crumbly as normal pastry, but that’s expected. I had a family picnic recently and these were all I had in the kitchen, no-one could tell a difference!
gluten free gets better!!!!
hi,well i had a lovely lunch today,SAUSAGE BUTTIES,they are sausage rolls really, the pastry is to die for quite flaky and buttery, the sausage, is yummy,try this gluten free sausage and its very good on the pennys, thank you for listening and enjoy.
Genius Gluten Free Sausage Rolls
Tried these at the weekend. The meat was tasty and had plenty of flavour. The pastry was a nice colour and on first inspection looked the same as a non gluten free. However the flavour was lacking a little with salt and the constancy was a little crumbly and bland. But overall the best gluten free sausage roll I have tasted and I would purchase again
Love them
Loved them much nicer an others i have tried usually pastry is dense but these where nice & flakey like normal sausage rolls, my husband didnt know he was eating gluten free

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