4.1 5 0 62 62 Crunchy baked biscuit bar with peanuts and a vanilla drizzle.
Go Ahead! Nutty Crunch Peanut Bars
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Taste amazing would definitely purchase again. The taste is unreal a brilliant snack bar.
Peanut Lover
Fantastic product, full of flavour and plenty of crunch. Much better option than a chocolate bar in the lunchbox.
lovely crunch
A nice treat snack bar great for pack lunches and as a treat
These peanut bars are so nice. Not overly sweet and packed with peanuts and not too hard. They are just right. My other half loves them, I can see I will have to hide the box away!
My kids love these there great for snacking on the go there tasty quick and easy what more could you ask for definitely recommend trying
these bars are lovely,really nutty and very satisfying
If you love peanut butter try them!
Was bit unsure whether they’d actually have a lot of flavour as I like to spread my peanut butter quite thick on my toast in the mornings. Saw these in the supermarket on offer, so thought would Try them out. Took them with me to Uni to have as a snack & really liked them, their not too small as I think packet bit deceiving they are a good size. It’s a bit like marmite with these, if you like peanut butter you’ll be ok, not overpowering and fills the snack gap it’s something a bit different. I was happy to see that the layer in between the biscuits is a good portion size & therefore makes it a food tasty snack to have at any time that your feeling peckish.
Really delicious
Really delicious, light for snacking or as part of breakfast. The whole Go Ahead range is excellent, but the nutty stuff has a nice amount of crunchy nut and really light biscuit. Definitely recommended.
Theae were Delicious! Lovely buttery biscuit base, lots of peanuts and really hit the spot during that morning slump before lunch! The only thing I would change is this as these were very crumbly
These are absolutely delicious. Very moreish and a great go to snack instead of a chocolate bar
I actually really enjoy these, they are light and crumbly and very nutty, great snack my children love them too, the only down side is they are very light and dont really satisfy if you want a more substantial snack
A very Moreish snack!
As a busy NHS worker I seem to end up surviving off cereal bars during the week. I Found this one to leave me feeling more hungry. I don’t know why but one was never enough with this particular bar. This is obviously just a personal opinion but if you are looking for a hunger buster then I’d opt for something different unless you want to have to eat half the box to be satisfied. Flavour is pleasant but bland to be perfectly honest. Feels more like a rabbit food bar than a snack.
I eat at lot of Go Ahead products, unfortunately this one does not hit the spot like the rest. I look for something sweet in these types of products but this one isn't. It is more of biscuit bar than cereal bar. Quite tasteless tbh.
Nutterly delicious!
I love these little bars, they're the perfect size and are surprisingly filling. I like that they're not too sweet, they have the perfect balance of the sweet base and the savoury crunchy nut topping. Will definitely make a regular on the shopping list.
Nutty bar
I love this snack I sometimes grab one on a morning if I am in a rush or have one during day if I’m hungry before lunch time. It’s convenient snack to have on the go and give me a lot of energy to get through day. Would recommend!

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