4.1 5 0 28 28 Crunchy baked biscuit bar with peanuts and a vanilla drizzle.
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Very sweet
This is very sugary, gave me a toothache. Very nutty which I enjoy just shame about too much sugar. It's not healthy
Too sweet!
A nice product but the sugar content is way too much for anyones health in one go.
I am not a peanut fan but I wanted to have a taste of this.there a lot of peanuts and a lot of sugar abit too sweet for me but I feel it’s a good one for those peanuts lovers
Really nice as a go to for a boost just be aware of the sugar content.
Tasty and convenient snack. Doesn't get squashed in your bag. Handy to carry around just in case you get peckish.
quite tasty
doesn't look very appetising and quite a small bar, but actually does taste of peanuts , nice pleasant taste
Not bad
Quite a nice little snack tastes quite nice. I quite like the taste and texture.
Quick snack
Good snack for keeping a few in your handbag, car or desk when you get a hungry moment and need something quick! Less calories they taste OK but I have had nicer bars. These however are inexpensive and handy to keep as your emergency snack.
Delicious snack. One of my favourite GoAhead products so far. Healthy, low calorie and delicious! Can't get better.
So good!
I think some of these cereal bars are a bit hit and miss however I really liked these! They are a great little snack when you're busy or out with the kids and need a little something to keep you going plus I've read nuts are good for mental health too so win win! I'll be buying more of these next week!
good price
got these as they are cheap , and now that they have fewer kcals then the ones before i would defo get them again
It's nice but dosent compare to the almond version, but that's just my personal preference
My Go-To Mid-Morning Snack
I work in Theatres Admin and make sure the team around me are kept energised. I try to ensure a few of them have a snack mid-morning and take away those hunger pains. Definitely recommend.
Not for me
I love nutty cereal bars but this I really did not enjoy, I think perhaps it was the base it just didn't taste right so much so that I didn't finish it! The rest of my family did not like them either.
Not Great but Ok
Taste Ok but thats about it I thought it was abit dull, they are exactly what you would expect, don't taste much peanutty either, I would expect them to be most tastefull. They are perfectly edible I wouldn't think of these as a reward or treat if you are trying to slim down like me :). I don't think I would buy them again. There are more tasty and enjoyable things out there that you could go for 90-100 calories. I would like to say I would recommend but they are not for me but others may like them. :)

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