3.9 5 0 47 47 Crunchy baked biscuit bar with peanuts and a vanilla drizzle.
Go Ahead! Nutty Crunch Peanut Bars
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Nutty bar
I love this snack I sometimes grab one on a morning if I am in a rush or have one during day if I’m hungry before lunch time. It’s convenient snack to have on the go and give me a lot of energy to get through day. Would recommend!
Value for money
Have a really good taste of peanut and are cheaper than other brands available. Have a good texture and do test good but still have a Hugh sugar content.
Overwhelming taste of peanuts! A little bit sweet a lot salty. Not to my taste.
Biscuit bar
I've started buying these on a weekly bases as they are a great snack for breakfast on my way to work. They are. Crunchy and very tasty and being a good size it keeps you going until lunch time. The kids sometimes have them in there lunch box . So a win win all round in our house . Definitely worth buying
Yummy snack full of goodness
Initially thought the product was a bit expensive so waited till it was on offer. Loved the size of the bar. The smell and consistency of the crunchy nut and the bottom sweetness is amazing. Deffinalty worth a try they are filling and yummy. Healthy options for anyone wanting a quick sweet fix.
Go Ahead nutty bars.
These bars are really tasty and I normally have 2 in a morning with a cup of tea before the mad rush starts. As I'm a busy Mum it has to be breakfast on the go! Keeps you full until lunchtime. Thank you Go ahead.
Too small
When I tried for the First time I was very suprised. I did not expect it is so tasty. Crunchy, nutty and not oversweet.
Dry and crumbly
Ok flavour and lots of peanuts but base was very dry and crumbly. I ended up covered in crumbs and peanuts fell off easily. Felt like I'd actually only eaten half the bar, which was only small to start with!
A nice nutty bar to fill a small hole. I liked how nutty it was but did find it had less flavour than i expected. I do enjoy go ahead products and would buy again.
Nice but watch your teeth!
The brand usually has good products so I thought I would try these. They are ok, not great flavour and so hard to bite into. They are very thin, and i don't think i would get them again-other products in the range are better.
Tasty but very hard
Lovely taste but I wouldn't recommend unless you have very good teeth
Not as nutty as you'd think.
I do like the taste of these but they're much sweeter than I thought they would be, and even though I can see plenty of nuts it doesn't taste as nutty as I expected it to. They are very small as well but they are only 94 calories a bar.
They taste great and great as a snack or on the go and they haven't scrimped on the topping lots of peanuts and will definitely buy again
Not what I expected
I have tried many GO ahead products and enjoy some of them as healthy snacks while I'm at work or out and about. I purchased these thinking they would be a great alternative to kill a biscuit craving but with less fat/calories and I was a bit dissapointed. They're not unpleasant but they are not very sweet and are really small so didn't really do what I wanted from them. Considering they are covered in chopped peanuts, I also thought that the peanut flavour was quite weak. If you have less of a sweet tooth and are looking for a biscuit snack then you might like these but they just weren't for me.
Great snack
I have quite a few go ahead products in my cupboards and these are one of them they come in handy for a snack when I'm on the go I can just throw one in my bag and go The nuttyness adds that little bit extra

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