4.7 5 0 14 14 Introducing GoodBelly cereal - gut-friendly cereal containing live cultures. With a delicious banana, blueberry, pumpkin seeds & ginger flavour. High in oat fibre for a healthy digestion.
GoodBelly Gut-Friendly Cereal Blueberry Banana
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Satisfied Belly
Beautiful , wholesome , satisfying and filling . Used with yoghurt - it made me feel full , I felt very healthy eating it . It presents well in a bowl and looked very inviting . I would like to see a variety of sizes offered
Well marketed but not great
I find this product sells itself well with it claims on the package, however I think it’s completely over priced and would much prefer to buy a cheaper brand as it tastes just as good
Not normally ally a fan of this type of cereal. But have to say it was very tasty and made me feel full for most of the day. Plentyth of fruit in it aswell
The taste was so amazing! After I tried it I went to get the others in the store to try the other flavour. Best healthy option breakfast option I have tasted.
Lovely Breakfast
I wanted something different to try as was getting bored of the usual cereals, I saw the advert for this and as I’m following the Slimming world plan I checked this and was glad to find I could Have 40g for my HEB it was lovely and I’ve recommended it to lots of people I just need to stop my daughter pinching all the banana out of the packet
Great cereal
I was really interested to try this cereal and it certainly disappoint. The first thing I noticed was the wonderful texture of the cereal flakes and the dried fruit. They offer a brilliant combination and taste great
I love it I am looking to by Buy sum on ebay and see what I can buy
My son has been having problems with his stomach and found that many cereals caused him pain. We tried this one and he has been delighted that he is pain free after eating it and it also tastes delicious. Cannot wait to see if there will be more flavour options in the future.
The best cereal
When I see for the first time GoodBelly Gut-Friendly Cereal Blueberry Banana I buy them try them and they are so yammy and taste
Perfect for those with IBS
I suffer with IBS and as such can have a dodgy stomach most mornings so try and avoid breakfast which really isn’t a healthy habit. A colleague suggested this and it had no effect on my stomach whatsoever and was a delight to eat. I’d really recommend it especially to those with similar conditions such as IBS.
I bought it recently its really yummy. Leaves me pumped and full till lunch time. Definitely recommend it
I love this breakfast cereal it's really healthy and full of goodness, and gives you lots of energy I would highly recommend it.
Good belly
Thoroughly enjoyed this new addition to my cereal collection. I could really taste the blueberry, banana and ginger and this complimented the wholegrain oat flakes. I felt full after eating a reasonable size portion, and felt that it gave me that energy boost I desperately seek in the mornings. The texture was crunchy but just right. I definitely felt that I had eaten something good for my belly. Highly recommended
Healthy cereal
Tried these as where on offer at local supermarket. And they are great for my slimming world diet as i have these with greek yogurt. I was pleasantly surprised as they taste really nice.

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