4.7 5 0 33 33 37% hazelnuts with no added palm oil. You can have it on toast, pancakes, waffles and ice cream! Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians
Gu Crunchy Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread
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I love this spread. It’s very tasty, have a lots of nuts and doesn’t contains palm oil. I would recommend this product to everyone
I was buying yoghurts from the same company and they were delicious so I went a step further and bought this sweet and I'm satisfied. It tastes great and is not as sweet as it looks. I recommend
One of my top 3
This was included in my birthday hamper and boy did it get me hooked. The nutty texture and the creamy gooey from the chocolate is a perfect combo. This is a treat whether in things or even a tea spoon! You know you’ve been there so don’t even. If you have not tired it you’re missing out.
This hazelnut chocolate spread is so delicious. I personally love hazelnut and I also love chocolate so this is perfect for me. The glass jar is also very nice and once you finish with the chocolate spread you can wash the glass up and use it again.
Oh my gosh this was so yummy it taste so smooth and not too rich in taste but i wouldn’t buy it if it was in offer it was a small tub and very expensive.
Great product
I loved loved loved this spread. Bought it twice and was just looking for it at our Sainsbury's today, but it was not available. I will keep looking, hopefully it is here to stay. Maybe Tesco will have it? I am reusing the jar for pink sea salt.
Gu hazelnut & Chocolate spread mmmmmm 5*
Gu Crunchy Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread 37% hazelnuts with no added palm oil great recyclable and resealable container, absolutely love this stuff. Tried this on toast, pancakes, waffles or just on a spoon straight from the jar - this stuff is super yummy and crunchy love itand would highly recommend trying it!
not impressed
The spread is quite tasty, very sweet. For me it was too heavy, very thisck, difficult to spread and difficult to take out of the jar. What is more, it tasted artificial. Would not recommend.
This is delicious although a little pricey, The glass tub is a good size and the top is easy to remove, I also wash and re use the tubs after all the product is eaten, Great on bread or toast, We also eat it with pancakes which is delicious.
Better and more nutritious than other brands
Compared to other hazelnut chocolate spreads out there, this is much higher quality. It contains more nuts, less sugar and doesn't use unsustainable palm oils. Te speckled nuts also help add a bit of interesting crunch.
So good
Like heaven in a jar, lovely just on toast but also just nice straight from the jar lol
Luxurious and tasty I try not to eat to much but it’s amazing!!
Gu Crunchy Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread its making my day I always having with a coup off hot milk it's the best the crunchy chocolate I absolutely love it
Not great
This is very oily, so much so the oil actually sits on top of the spread, its over priced for the taste and quality of the product. Maybe if it came down a bit in price and the oils were reduced then it would taste a bit better
Love it 😍
Had to give it a try rude not to lol and I love it, so it’s lovely on digestive biscuits, bread sticks toast.. oh you get the idea it’s scrumptious 😋

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