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Gu Limited Edition Chocolate & Praline Melt in the Middle 2 x 95g
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Utter luxury!
Everything about this product screams luxury, from the packaging to the amazing smell and taste, I got these as a treat for myself and my partner and we both agreed they were definitely well worth the money and 100% something we will buy again!
OMG, I love this dessert! It's very moreish and indulgent, gooey, warm and not overly sweet. The best thing is that I won't end up with an upset stomach as it's gluten-free. My only problem is that they're a little too small.
where ever chocolate is involved I'm there. especially if it is warm and melts, oh Jesus. these where absolutely to die for, I was supposed to share with my husband but I ate both myself. I need to buy more
Tastes like heaven
Melting gooey chocolate that coats your mouth. I served it with vanilla ice cream and it was awesome
Pricey but tasty
These are a perfect treat - a little bit pricey but worth totally worth it for a treat. These just melt in your mouth and worth every penny. I would definitely recommend them.
Deliciously rich and over indulgent but definitely worth it for a sweet treat!!! Would buy again
A bit pricey but boy was this a treat! So indulgent, melt in the mouth, decadent chocolate. Worth every penny!
Great for a treat or for dinner guests
although they were on the pricey side well worth it moist delicious tasty treat, Also great for dinner parties if you are pressed for time or not a great baker
So so tasty! I treated myself to these last month. Perfect for me as I live in my own don’t by a lot of snacks and every now and then you fancy a dessert after dinner this was so good and so quick and easy to make! Gooey perfection! ❤️
So yummy, a real treat
So yummy, a real treat. I like this every so often but not every week as this is a treat.
very very indulgent feels like I'm eating out when I have these!
GU Limited Edition
I was really looking forward to trying this pudding but was a little disappointed. This was nothing special and I prefer the chocolate melt in the middle version which is moister and more guey in the middle.
I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but i could eat these all day like a party in your mouth.
A super tasty treat for after dinner. It’s a bit pricey for its size, but so worth it. If you can get it on offer, you’ll be buying twice as much...I can guarantee that. If you love chocolate you’ll definitely appreciate it the amazing flavour. A must for a chocoholic:)
Love Gu pots especially if on offer! So yummy and really luxurious chocolate

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