4.8 5 0 60 60 Release the intense nuttiness of the chocolate praliné melting heart & be seduced. Suitable for vegetarians Grab your spoons and let us take you to #Güphoria
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i love the way the praline tastes in the this chocolate hot pudding it gives the product ad extra something and a deep richness id be lost without
Chocolate heaven
These are amazing! Was feeling pretty rubbish and needed a chocolate hit, picked these up and added some vanilla ice cream, so delicious and rich, a shopping list staple for me now
mouth watering
Love these! They taste amazing they just melt in your mouth, I love mine with cream but my husband loves them with custard so they can be eaten with anything! My only issue is there isn’t enough I could of easily ate them both
Perfect Pudding
These are an absolute treat - my boyfriend loves them. However we do not have a microwave, so we have to book in the over. Although not the end of the world, takes a lot longer than just in a microwave
They were that delicious I could of ate more. The centre was gooey and rich and altogether Devine and really nice with ice cream will be buying more for sure
Yummy 😍
Even my husband can do this! They are so simple in the microwave, very impressed with the taste and quality of them too!
Luxurious chocolate!
Incredible sweet chocolaty taste! Definitely good for chocolate lovers like myself. Quite easy to overcook and lose the gooey center. I'd put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds less than the recommended time
What a desert, if you every want to indulge in heaven this is it 😍
great value for money, Its an amazing treat for weekends. It's not too sweet and It feels handmade in each spoon. I would buy again soon. Be aware that the portions are not huge.
Chocolate to die for
These puds are seriously delicious, GU usually set the bar high with their deserts, but these take some beating!
Hmmmm pure delicious
Absolutely delicious and addictive flavour beautifully chocolatey filling and smooth. I love the gooey centre and I am craving one thinking of it now
Great taste !
Quick and easy to heat up. It is gooey and tasty and feel like a treat. Definitely would recommend
Scrummy dessert
I love these desserts but had not tasted this flavour before. Well worth it. Really flavoursome and gooey and luscious. They are a luxury treat and are definitely worth buying for a special night in.
I love these deserts! Usually get them as a treat as they are more of an expensive product but completely worth the money. The containers can be reused. You can definitely tell it’s a high quality desert because of the flavours. Will definitely buy again.
Love the fresh taste. Tastes so good and very moorish. Keep for days in the fridge. Love the pots the come in I use them again.

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