4.9 5 0 55 55 Creamy coconut ice cream met the lashings of luxurious chocolate, love bloomed, and the rest as they say is history.
Haagen Dazs Coconut Ice Cream Collection Minicups
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Love the taste, the choice and the idea!
I love ice cream (I mean, who doesn't?) but I really love the idea of being able to have different flavours like this, the chocolate flakes one way AMAZING. Smooth texture, creamy flavour 10/10
Omg I could eat them all in one go
They are so tasty and creamy!!! I love these so much I could eat the lot in one go haha. They are very tasty and smooth, nothing can be improved about it!!
I will definitely buy them again. I would definitely recommend if you like coconut.
Something Different
I bought these thanks to the Hubby who loves to explore the frozen sweet isle in EVERY supermarket we come home with different ice creams and lollies each week. To my surprise i didnt think i'd be a huge fan of these but i am! First the packaging is too adorable, mini versions of the 500ml tubs, and 4 varieties of flavour, i'm sure you will find one you love. Each has its own unique distinctive flavour and theyre not too sweet either
Perfectly delicious
Absolutely delicious- I love all things coconut and to pair it with ice cream was just genius. So creamy and incredibly tasty.
Got these the other day for a change. So nice only small but nice.. love the coconut so these were right down my street. Cost a little more could be lower but for a treat to yourself very nice.
My family tried these and me and they are nice and a refreshing snack in the summer does get a bit sickly but the pots are great for my kids
Perfect for coconut lovers
I’m a huge fan of coconut ice cream reminds me of being on holiday.i found these in Asda and got to say loved all the flavours.
Had to try them all !!!
This little box of tiny treats was too irrisistable to ignore. I could not decide on one flavour so I did the next best thing....I tried them all.....in one sitting !! Each one of these was a delight to taste and the rhasphberry type flavour was my favourite. I would definitely buy again but I might fail to share with my kids again. They look just the right size to give as desserts when you have friends over for a meal but I think I would hide in the corner of the kitchen eating them all. Too small pots of ice cream for enjoying when watching a film but then there is four in one box so I would sit back and enjoy them all while watching a good film. Very tricky to open each tub, so I think it would be good idea if the open tab was much bigger, not everyone is a small kid.
I love it 🥰
Absolutely delicious- I love all things coconut and to pair it with ice cream was just genius as with all Haagen Dazs products- a must try, you won’t be disappointed- full of flavour
Loved this ice cream but would far prefer a whole tub of the passion fruit as it was absolutely scrumptious.
Absolutely full of flavour and perfect sized for a treat. I will definately be purchasing these again. Definately recomend if you like coconut.
Haagen Dazs Coconut Ice Cream
Delicious new ice cream coconut collection, vannot wait to purchase more truly delicious!
Great taste
The coconut range of ice cream are really nice and fresh, the pots are just the right size although I could easily eat two! Lovely flavours, loved them all
Really nice would buy again
My husband purchased this and was really nice quite filling even thou you thing the cartons quite small was enough for us well worth a try.

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