Hawaiian Tropic Protective Spray Oil Mist

4.8 5 0 453 453 Lightweight mist, protects like a lotion, UVA *** Good
Hawaiian Tropic Protective Spray Oil Mist


Sunshine in a bottle
The smell of this just reminds me of holiday, it offers great protection whilst allowing you to build a nice tan without burning, leaves my skin feeling moisturised and its not too greasy, I would recommend this tanning spray.
I love Hawaiian Tropic. It has a beautiful coconutty summery smell that reminds me of childhood. Sprays and smooths in nicely.
Great Sun Oil
I've been using Hawaiian Tropic oil for years and it's amazing value for money, a fraction of the price of other brands with the same level of protection. The smell is amazing, a real holiday smell. The only slight downside is that it leaves you feeling greasy but then you'd expect that with an oil.
Hawaiian tropic
This is a must have holiday product, it smells divine, like tropical coconut. I always buy factor 30 suncream, but I also always have some of this too, to use in between. Always makes me feel happy when I spray this, it just has the holiday vibe
Bee friendly
It looks fantastic, nice bottle , name reminds me of warm holidays , like oil sprays . First thought wow! it smells amazing ,but... I could not get rid off wasps flying around my body
I love being in the sun and catching a tan however, I am very mindful of UV rays so this product was perfect for me. It smells incredible and really does work - I manage to tan without burning and feel protected whilst using it. The only downside is that it is what it says on the bottle - oily! It hasn’t given me spots but everything sticks to me when I use it so be careful of clothes or eating crisps after applying!!
Gorgeous smell
This is my fave to use. I get it every year. Mainly because of the scent. I’m practically ginger and very pale but found I’ve never burnt on this even on holiday. Only problem is it’s so oily and sticky, but it is what it says on the tin!
I love Hawaiian Tropic brand. I'm never disappointed when protecting my skin in the sun it absorbs nicely into the skin and leaves skin lovely and soft. The smell is amazing. Recommended and will continue to buy.
I love this, it smells great and provides great protection
Very good
I always use this brand while on holiday, absolutely smells like being on holiday now! Really lovely coconut scent, very effective, I always use factor 30 and never burnt in Barbados. The spray isn’t oily or sticky either which I really liked
I use this every summer, it smells great and for me personally it intensifies my tan but it also protects me from burns
Best oil
I love it, Good protection, beautifull smell is not to oily. Already finished second bottle
My favourite oil
So easy to spray on, light and fresh smelling. This oil protects well and leaves you with a deep tan
I love this. I used this in the garden the other day I was on the phone and just give myself a little spray over. You done need to rub it in or anything just sprits over yourself so easy to use 1 handed. I was only in the garden 45mins maybe an hour and honestly the tan lines was unreal. My legs never tan even when I go on holiday my legs are still Lily white but I actually had tan lines on my legs where my shorts had been. It dried really quick and didn’t rub off onto the other parts of my body when they touched it so I now don’t have to worry about it rubbing off on the children and them reacting or burning. I love the fact it’s factor 30 as well as an oil so I’m protected and tanning quickly. It makes your skin look nice just having it on so could be used as a suncream when out for the day not just when sunbathing. It smells amazing too. Honestly it’s amazing stuff I can’t believe how happy I am with it I definitely recommend it.
Very nice
It’s very nice.I usually used it it’s very nice

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