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Great for all hair
I think that it is really good for the whole family to use and I would tell everyone about it
Smells so nice!
I tried this when I stayed at a friend's house, I can't say how good it is for dandruff but my hair smelt and felt great after using it! Would Deffo try if you are considering it.
Only shampoo my partner buys for his scalp condition and hasn't had any issues with dandruff since using I have used it when I've ran out of my shampoo its really thick and not really for fine hair
Makes hair sleek and smooth
It made my hair really sleek and smooth, the argan oil definitely made my hair feel less damaged and my hair was much less frizzy. I did find that this shampoo was not quite as soothing on the scalp as the original head and shoulders. I would definitely recommend it.
Smells lovely
Left my hair feeling silky soft and the smell was really fresh and lasted for ages. Would definitely buy it again and the conditioner
Claudia is right it smells great!
After seeing the ad with Claudia Winkleman I thought I would give it a try. Claudia was right the scent was great, my shoulder length hair was silky soft & I did not need to use the irons on it as much. The downside to the shampoo was that it stripped my coloured hair revealing my dreadful grey hairs. After speaking to my hairdresser, apparently, H&S is well known for this. It has this effect this to assist with an itchy & flaky scalp. I would recommend those with dandruff however not to those with expensive coloured hair, sorry.
I was happily surprised after trying this shampoo. It left my hair very smooth and frizz free. My hair felt soft and healthy. The shampoo gives a really good amount of lather. I would recommend it.
Shiny but lank
Pleasant smelling, creamy and lathered well but unfortunately left my hair more lank than shiny. Not reaction with scalp to begin with but after a few weeks scalp became itchy. Will stick to the traditional shampoo
Not for me
I am a regular user of head and shoulders and when I saw and read reviews of the new range I thought I’d give it a go. It has a lovely fragrance and has a creamy and silky consistency like there previous range. My hair looked great and was soft and manageable however after washing,my scalp was drier and left with visible flakes. I thought I’d give it a chance perhaps I was having a flare up, no each time I used my scalp became drier and was left with a visibly drier scalp post wash.I threw it away and reverted to my usual menthol head and shoulders and within a couple of washes my scalp was back to normal. Sadly this one is not for me.
First day using it
Its my first time using it!!! I only used a little bit of it but my hair is a little bit smoother now! My hair has been less itchy as well and I can't wait to see how my hair will turn out in a few weeks! :3
i was happy with this shampoo it seemed to remove the few flakes of dry hair i had however i founf it to really liven ny hair upmade it look shiney and fresh people asked if id done somethig with my hair as it looked healthier i found it a really nice shampoo lovely smell lovely atlfter shine volume and fisnish once dried however i would be hesitant to buy it at full price but i defiently would buy it again.
Smells lush
Smells lush but i found it increased my dandruff ... ok for ppl with no dandruff issues . Im generally a head and shoulders fan but this ones not very good unless unwant nice smelling hair
Great but expensive
I liked it and kept my hair looking cleaner for a day or so longer but quite expensive.
My favourite shampoo
Head and shoulders is my ultimate favourite shampoo! I have used and tried many different shampoos but I always go back to the original head and shoulders! I have only recently tried the supreme smooth and it lost definitely leaves your hair super soft and smelling delicious! I love it and would recommend this product to everyone
My new favourite shampoo. I've been trying SO many shampoos lately because my hair has became frizzy, including expensive ones. I tried H&S supreme smooth by coincidence (friend's house) and... oh, man! It leaves my hair so smooth. I did of course bought it and I now use it with the conditioner. Both smell really well, nothing similar to the regular H&S shampoos, this range is way superior and leaves my hair feeling light, smooth and hydrated. Will buy again, very happy me!

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