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Head & Shoulders Suprême Smooth Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
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I have found some anti dandruff shampoos really dry my hair out. However, this one with added Argan oil is now my daily shampoo, leaves my hair lovely and soft and no dandruff on my scalp.
Real results!
I have used head and shoulders anti dandruff range for years and it really saved my scalp! If you suffer from dandruff you should definitely try head and shoulders. It clears the dandruff for ever.
Love head & shoulders, but the supreme one is fantastic. Left my hair like silk and so smooth to touch. Smells amazing and i now never suffer with dandruff since using it . Would recommend this to anyone
Lovely smell and feel
I love head and shoulders products because they smell lovely on your hair. I also feel like they reduce dandruff and make my hair easier to manage. The Smooth element of this was really noticeable in the improvement it made to my hair. Will definitely keep using it.
goodv product
my partner uses this on his dandruff and it certainly does the job to get rid of it he uses every hair wash and it leaves his hair really soft and shiny defiantly recommend if you have dandruff
Feels luxurious
Head & Shoulders is the only shampoo I trust, others just don't do the job as well. This version feels more luxurious than other varieties so is an extra special treat. Smells lovely, works on dandruff, and makes you feel very clean after.
Great product
Tried the shampoo and also conditioner left my hair clean, smooth, smells lovely and shiny. Just like the advert
Head and shoulders is the BEST
Every time I try a different shampoo I always end up reverting back to head and shoulders because at the end of the day it's the most effective one that stops my scalp from itching along with soothing it. The best!
Amazing feeling aftèr
Hair fell else smells great an more u use it the healthier my hair got an now conditioner is available which as made my hair even better must try
Sliky smooth
This is my everyday shampoo! I have tried all the H&S verities but this is my favourite, not only does it clear up my dandruff but it leaves my hair sooo shiny and smooth - as good as a salon shampoo. I can't recommend this brand and product enough
This is a fab product and one I really couldn’t live without! I go through periods of having dandruff but after a few uses of this it gets rid of it straight away! The shampoo smells great and leaves my hair smelling good and so soft a shiny!
This shampoo is one of the best anti-dandruff I've tried
Nothing compared!!
This shampoo is one of the best anti dandruff I have tried
Soft shiny hair
This shampoo is great. Stops my scalp from itching and leaves hair soft and shiny
Head and Shoulders
Good at preventing dandruff but the best thing is the lovely scent of it. Much improved smell than original product.

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