4 5 0 97 97 Mini pizza topped with tomato sauce, Cheddar cheese and Emmental medium fat hard cheese.
Hearty Food Co. Mini Pizzas Cheese And Tomato 4 Pack
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Cheap and unfulfilling
They were cheap so I thought I would give them a go. The base was tough and the topping disappointing... I wouldn't buy it again, I would rather pay more.
Good taste and value
I love these mini pizzas, they taste so good i actually like the fact that it has no crust and it tastes just like cheese and tomato pizza, the price is just a bonus the most affordable would definitely recommend.
Cheap and very cheerful!
My autistic son pretty much lives on cheese and tomato pizza! I got these as a cheap alternative to try, not expecting much......he loves them! They're soft, covered in just the right amount of cheese and flavour perfect. A big hit as is the large size ones
Not much taste
My son loves pizza but not these. They don’t have much taste and I find they burn round the edges. Not a bad price though but not sure I’d buy them again
Great for little appetites
These are great for little ones or if your on a diet and fancy a pizza. Dont have much cheese on but you can always put abit extra on of needed. But I find them ideal for my toddler when he wants a pizza like his siblings.
Good size for children. A bit basic,need to add more cheese to make it better but overall a good pizza for the price. Regular item in my shop trolley.
great taste. great value
my children love these. quick and easy to cook and taste great
Soft and satisfying
Not like your usual pizzas that end up crispy around the edges, we buy these on a weekly basis because my autistic son prefers these over many others, they are really cheesy and have a good amount of tomato base to them also, they are meant for oven cooking however just as nice dine in the microwave. Recommended
Cheap an cheerful
My 5 year old loves these as they are the perfect size for her. I do have to add extra cheese on them as there isn’t that much on the menu
Good value
Mini pizzas are popular in this house! I usually get these as they are good value for money and are quite plain, which the little one likes. They're not covered in herbs and there's not too much sauce on them, always good to have some in the freezer for an easy meal
Cheap and tasty
Very tasty and good value for money, just the right size for a child or someone who likes some chips with their pizza.
A hit with the kids
My kids love these. They are a good size and quick to cook. Ideal for families in a hurry. Distribution of cheese ian somewhat uneven but good amount of sauce and tasty
Good to have if you want something quick and easy not too much cheese so makes them healthier Like the taste
perfect price
these little pizzas are perfect for birthday parties or childrens dinner, not expensive and a good price.
Sleepover Saviour
I get these for when my 6 year old has sleepovers. They are a little bland but we just add a little extra cheese and the boys love them. But I’m not complaining for the price.

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