4 5 0 97 97 Mini pizza topped with tomato sauce, Cheddar cheese and Emmental medium fat hard cheese.
Hearty Food Co. Mini Pizzas Cheese And Tomato 4 Pack
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Great quick meal
We keep these in the freezer at all times. They are handy if you need a quick meal for the little ones and we always add some cherry tomatoes and olives for our little boy!
Cheap and cheerful
There are better pizzas out there but for the price this one is good for my kids and they enjoy it so win win. personally for myself i would go for something alittle more exciting
Not very nice
these are very nice didn't taste of much and the children didn't think much of them too. I wouldn't buy these again
Fairly tasty
Always buy these for a quick snack, personally feel they need more cheese and sauce but can easily put more cheese on for myself. They are still quite tasty and my son likes them!
Bland, but add extra toppings
I bought these for a quick snack for my girls. They come with very little cheese, but that is easily solved. They are just very bland, because they have very little tomato puree. I let the kids add their own toppings and sauce to give them more flavor. I would buy them again if I was on a tight budget.
Good basic pizza
I brought these to try mainly for my younger children for those quick dinner emergencies, not expecting much due to price I have to say I was really impressed. My children seemed to love them also I did put a little extra cheese on top but I guess this is just personal preference. Basic plain pizza no nasty ingredients perfect for my younger children and will absolutely purchase again.
It’s ok
Product is ok for Money , so many different ones on the market. Didn’t taste the greatest.
Can’t beat them for the price
For the price, these are fab. Great for little ones. My kids sometimes spruce them up a little by adding their own toppings.
Cheap and tasty
A great price for a solid meal. Perfect for a speedy post-work dinner with some veggies, and surprisingly filling. Tasty and suitably sized for the price and also likely to go down a storm with the kids.
Great for picnics
Quick and easy to cook, ideal for a picnic with the weather we’re having. Cheap and cheerful but worth it
Small and not much cheese. The sauce was also tasteless. But on the other hand they were reasonably priced
Good for what they are
For their price, you are getting a good quality product. Perfect for lazy days and when it’s all the kids want.
My niece like them they are a basic pizza but quick to make & easy if rushing around saves time cooking
My children like them basic pizza but quick to make & easy if rushing around saves time cooking
Quick and easy
Quick and easy to fill up a hungry snacker but nothing amazing. Good value one to keep in stock

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