4.1 5 0 41 41 Minced beef in an onion gravy topped with mashed potato. Beef Mince, sweet carrot and onion gravy buried under a big dollop of mash.
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Cottage pie
Used to buy for my dad, he said wasn't much taste to them ,
Ideal dinner
I brought these too try for the children so easy to leave in freezer ,for the price I thought they were great would definitely recommend and great price too
A good meal choice
Very tasty, good product for the price, well seasoned. Was more potato than meat but I found the balance was good. I would eat this again.
Enjoyable meal
I tried this a few months ago and enjoyed it so much that I have eaten it a couple of times since, most recently last week. Well seasoned, could taste the pepper. Very reasonable price too, which is always good.
wheres the meat
sadly this wasnt up to expectation it was realy flavoursome but lacked actualy meet it was over 80% mash potato which was bland anyway so had to add cheese and pepper to make it taste of something
Cottage Pie - Devoid of Flavour
I'm sad to say, it was devoid of flavour, which in turn made it taste empty. In fact I threw it in the bin. Try a bit of Black Pepper or Cyanne
Good for the price
I bought this as a frozen meal and it was very good for the price of the meal. Would recommend this if you just want something easy to eat
Great money saving option
I've bought this for my children on a few occasions now when money is a bit tight. They love it with veggies and my husband says it tastes fine too, there's just not as much meat as the more expensive alternatives.
Healthy meal
I really liked it, great flavour. I don't normally go for meal's like this. But tried it and will buy it again.
So convenient and tasty!
I often but these cottage pies for when I'm too busy to cook my own tea and don't want to spend a fortune on a takeaway. I think it tastes lovely, I've had worse homemade ones! They're convenient, tasty and a great price!
Tesco’s brand cottage pie
A good size one person meal, I personally add salt and pepper to give it more taste. For the price and a quick meal you cannot go wrong. I would recommend this product.
Tastes like a homemade shepherds pie with a nice crispy mash top
Lovely dinner choice
I found this a great addition to my fridge for my dinners, I only have a few gripes and they were 1) not enough gravy to last the whole meal so the last 15 mouthfuls were a bit hard going. 2) It tasted better in the microwave and as a visually impaired person I found it hard to cook in the microwave 3) the writing on the cardboard was difficult to read due to font choice, size, and color
Quick meal
Bought it for Hubby for a quick meal after night shift. He enjoyed it. Just enough after a long shift and before bed.
Was ok for the price,but a bit too salty for me.Good portion size and nice easy instruction label.

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