4.1 5 0 51 51 Minced beef in an onion gravy topped with mashed potato. Beef Mince, sweet carrot and onion gravy buried under a big dollop of mash.
Hearty Food Company Cottage Pie 400G
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Cottage pie
Purchased this on a whim to see if it was good. I find it was okay lots of potato mash which is nice and creamy. The meat and sauce portion is not like a home cooked cottage pie flavour, too much hustle blended into little bits to resemble meat. The sauce was a beefy salty peppery flavour. Have tried the other production the range which are better such as macaroni cheese. This product could be developed better.
Too much pepper
I thought this product was a good price. It smelt nice whilst cooking but actually the use of too much pepper over powered any other flavours. Obviously pepper is not everyone’s taste so maybe if you love pepper you’ll love this?
Delicious will definitely be getting some more! Such a warm hearty meal for these cold nights! Really nice meaty flavour
Value for money
I like the Hearty Food range, decent portion sizes and a good flavour. You can't beat the value for money on this.
value for mmoney and great for quickness
I love to cook from scratch or bulk cook but there are times when we need something quick. This isn't the best tasting cottage pie ive ever had but the best in the freezer dept at the mo great for when you are in a hurry or cant be bothered to cook
Great when in a hurry
I love the taste of this meal, the mash is lovely and sort. It's great when you are in a rush or back late and need something quick, just pop it in the microwave and enjoy
Not the meal I would buy again
If you have ever tasted this meal made by your mother or grannie Please don't try this 🤮🤢
Not bad brand
I buy this brand and theirs a variety of meals they taste great ideal for lunch or even for dinner kids love them too when you have several fussy eaters worth the price ,quick and easy if in a rush
You get what you pay for and it’s not bad!
This is Tesco’s ‘value’ option (it is less than £1 I think?) and it’s not terrible. It really could have been, but it is a decent sized portion and will fill you up. A good freezer staple.
good, not amazing
i grabbed a bunch of these for about £0.80 each in Tesco and you cannot fault them for the price, infact they were far nicer than anything close to this price
Cottage pie
Used to buy for my dad, he said wasn't much taste to them ,
Ideal dinner
I brought these too try for the children so easy to leave in freezer ,for the price I thought they were great would definitely recommend and great price too
A good meal choice
Very tasty, good product for the price, well seasoned. Was more potato than meat but I found the balance was good. I would eat this again.
Enjoyable meal
I tried this a few months ago and enjoyed it so much that I have eaten it a couple of times since, most recently last week. Well seasoned, could taste the pepper. Very reasonable price too, which is always good.
wheres the meat
sadly this wasnt up to expectation it was realy flavoursome but lacked actualy meet it was over 80% mash potato which was bland anyway so had to add cheese and pepper to make it taste of something

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