4.7 5 0 43 43 This Mild Mustard Pickle from Heinz is a unique and tasty condiment from the sauce masters themselves. The mildly spicy flavour is the perfect way to enhance any sandwich.
Heinz Mild Mustard Pickle
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I hadn't had this for more years than I care to remember
I used to have this donkey's years ago at my Gran's. It was the same but things never are after so many years, but I have to say the flavour was there maybe not quite as mustardy (if that's a word) I will definitely buy it again. I have had it on a ham salad sandwich, with Beef, & cheese, it really is a good allrounder.
Omg soooo good
I didn't know what to expect when trying this but I was pleasantly surprised, I had it on my ham sandwich, it was amazing, it's not to much pickle or mustard, it's a nice balance.
I have been eating mustard pickle for years now. I absolutely loved it since I was a teenager with eerything from ham to beef. There has been a change to the recipe and it is not as scrumptious as it used to be, but it is still great.
mustard pickle
love it on a ham sandwich or with any ham meal. I have only tried it with ham
I have loved mild mustard pickle for years, I always have a jar in my fridge.
Just right
I like mustard but not too hot. This is a perfect mix of pickle and mustard. It’s mild which means the flavour is not spoiled by the heat of the mustard. I love it on corned beef sandwiches. An absolute essential for my store cupboard.
not the best
I didn't really care for this product I found it too sweet and it dint have the tang and heat mixture I was expecting, I think the mustard flavour need to be a bit stronger and hold on the pickle.
Love this
I do love pickle in all flavours, but with mustard I don't like it too strong, but love a hint of it. This, for me, is a perfect. I use it as an accompaniment with salad or in sandwiches, great stuff.
Best choice for homemade burgers . Kids love it !!
just perfect
This pickle is lovely on cheese and biscuits and extremely nice on a cheese sandwich. I have this lots of times when I have a salad to break up a typical boring salad it really upgrades a boring meal. It is full of flavour but isn’t to Strong of mustard I really love the taste of this pickle. the jar is extremely easy to open, and the label stands out while shopping. well recommended
Tasty on sancwiches
Have been a lover of this mild mustard pickle for years, it never let's me down in taste. love it on sandwiches and a must on cheese on toast.
Not too sure
I tried this only once. The mustard in it wasn’t for me. It didn’t taste as good as the original one. Won’t be buying this again
Tasty pickle
The perfect pickle to go with a ploughman's, a sandwich or a salad. Brightens your food and tastebuds
Loved It
I like mustard. I like pickle. Put them both together and I love it. Definitely buying yhis again.
Was ok
This pickle is ok, I would try it again maybe with cheese and biscuits next time!

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