4.2 5 0 10 10 Layers of caramel mousse and custard on a toffee sponge covered in rich toffee sauce and caramel crunch.
Heinz Weight Watchers 2 Caramel Crunch Desserts
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Naughty but nice
I’ve had these on more than one occasion, very tasty & you wouldn’t believe that they aren’t as naughty as they could be! Portion size is ample, lovely taste, a great treat if you are wanting to lose weight but still enjoy something sweet.
Very Nice
Lovely dessert. I used to buy these all the time. They are so light and very moreish. Great for a treat if you are losing weight or not. Would recommend.
I bought these just because they looked nice, and they actually were nice, a treat if you are losing weight or not
I love these Weight Waters Caramel Desserts , with its full tasty flavour, it not at all to sweet and it's not bland, perfect snack without the worry of over doing it. Ready smooth sponge at the bottom with crunchy caramel ball and a sauce to die for. Well presented.
If you love deserts but are trying to watch your weight then these are great. Not only is the amount good the desert tastes great, It has crunch pieces with cream and caramel cream and a small amount o sponge on the bottom, makes me feel like I am being naughty when I am actually not :)
Started dieting after Christmas and theses are amazing great taste and will definitely be buying these again I thought they was a little one the expensive side .
Doesn't taste as if it is a weight watchers, lovely and creamy and the caramel doesn't lack in a sugary taste.
it is very nice lots of flavour & very tasty nice caramel pudding
I have tried this product before and really enjoyed the creamy caramel taste
Being careful trying to watch my weight, and liking puddings I thought I was not going to get anything decent. But I found theses little nuggets of yummy. For weight watchers I didn't think they were going to taste very nice. But they were gorgeous, not like slimming food at all. I really recommend them.
I've tried other products would love to try this I bet as good as all the others
they are really nice makes you think they are naughty but nice
I would like to test this product,,as somebody who is watching the amount of sugar and fat in my diet this would be very good.
I have tried these weight watcher products and find them surprisingly tasty!
Haven't tried these yet, but they do look good. And healthy eating too, can't be bad!

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