Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo

4.8 5 0 304 304 Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo is our changenative to traditional mayonnaise – the same great taste of Hellmann’s that you love, now 100% plant-based​, Egg- and gluten-free, this vegan mayo contains sustainably sourced oil and is a good source of Omega 3, Hellmann’s is committed to making mayonnaise from only 100% sustainably sourced oils, Free from artificial colors or flavors, Hellmann’s vegan mayo is a perfect addition to your vegan recipes you can share with everyone.
Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo


Simply mayo
I had this while pregnant as I was trying to avoid eggs. I wouldn't say it is vegan, I'd say it tastes like mayo, very creamy.
Seriously good mayo
This vegan Mayo is amazing! I don’t even miss the real deal. This tastes yummy with everything. Even my toddler likes it. Even tastes great in a tuna and cucumber tuna roll. Can’t live without it!
Makes an amazing alternative, works very well in salads and I can’t taste a big enough difference. Swapped this from my regular mayo
very good
My dauther always gets this mayonnaise , and actually really nice :-)
Almost tastes like the original!
This is a great alternative for people with special diets. It does not taste a lot different from the original one, and it is healtier too! Why wouldn't you choose this one?
When I switched to a vegan diet I was extremely excited about trying this product. I am a mayonnaise fiend. You really wouldn’t know it was plant based. The texture, the flavour, it’s a fabulous product.
smooth and nice texture, especially for the buns of burgers and sandwiches.
Better than I thought
This was surprisingly tasty! I would use it again
My partner always gets this mayonnaise,and actually really nice comparing with all other vegan mayo that i tasted before. I do recommend
Vegan mayo
As a mayo lover I wanted to try this and I can tell you I don't feel any difference.I really enjoyed the taste.Would definitely buy this again.
Great Alternative
Same taste at the original Hellmann's mayo, but less heavy, and vegan/vegetarian friendly.
Hellman's wins again!
Just like the original but better (for me and the planet!) I love mayo, but can't have gluten or eggs, so this is perfect for me. The same great taste and texture, don't think I could tell the difference in a taste test.
Tastes just like the non vegan variant
Great taste and perfect for vegans. Highly recommended
Not to my liking.
I personally don't rate this as a mayo for me. I can definitely taste the difference to a regular mayonnaise.
mayonnaise is good but not great. I prefer normal mayonnaise. This one is tasteless to me, but it is suitable for salads

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