4.5 5 0 24 24 Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Snack Size Bars have been repackaged and now retail in a redesigned 63g pack containing five units. This product is described as white chocolate flavour candy with cookie bits.
Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Snack Size Bars
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Little treat, perfect size
If you know you are the type of person who can not stop at a couple of squares of chocolate (like myself) then this is perfect. I'd say just the right amount for portion controlling and the taste is just as good, without all the guilt of eating a giant bar
I must say this is a really tasty snack. I do feel sometimes that I can't eat too much in one go as it can get too sweet/rich for my liking, however still tastes amazing! Recommended:)
A perfect size for just a small snack and so yummy love these so much but a bit pricey.
I love Hershey's chocolate and these are one of my favourite. It is a great mix of chocolate and cookie and very moreish
Tasty treat.
If u love White Chocolate,this is a great one. I love this flavour and it's been a favourite for my Family.
Too addicitve
Bought these thinking that it would be a good little treat for myself now and again after my work outs. I regret it now, as they are so tasty and apparently I have impulse control equivalent to a 2 year old! Scoffed the whole lot.
Yumminess I say a lovely bite of a American classic very creamy with cookie pieces
Perfect Snack Size!
Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme are one of my favourite choice when I have a sweet craving. The cookies are my favourite. I have recommended these to friends who are on a diet as the snack size actually ends the sweet craving, One is enough but I just can;t help myself and eat more 😁
a perfect size for a snack or when you feel like something sweet.
Amazing for any chocoholic!
These are just amazing! Before I became dairy free, these were by far my favourite ever sweet snack. Now my daughter has taken over me and would probably sit and eat the whole large packet by herself. I made her a Hershey hamper for her birthday including these and she was very happy! I found them sickly after a couple but they taste amazing!
As a self confessed chocoholic I absolutely love the Cookies and Cream Hersheys range and this particular bar is perfect for one of my sized portions.
Not bad
Hersheys aren't my favourite chocolate, but they're ok for some variety now and then. Smooth texture, creamy taste. Good and convenient in snack size too.
I love these tiny bits of Hershey’s heaven. The mini bars are so nice and are packed with cookie pieces. Perfect for lunches or just a little snack. I would recommend these!
Very sweet & creamy
I loved these! The chocolate is so creamy And sweet it gives you that tickle-y throat feeling. Generous amounts of crunchy cookie chips, these are a real treat.
Jumbo bag sold it to me
If the bag was any smaller it wouldnt be getting a five star, This is a perfect sized bag to ensure you know youve eaten the product, they are so morish they dont last long in our household

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