4.5 5 0 12 12 Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Snack Size Bars have been repackaged and now retail in a redesigned 63g pack containing five units. This product is described as white chocolate flavour candy with cookie bits.
Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Snack Size Bars
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I love these tiny bits of Hershey’s heaven. The mini bars are so nice and are packed with cookie pieces. Perfect for lunches or just a little snack. I would recommend these!
Very sweet & creamy
I loved these! The chocolate is so creamy And sweet it gives you that tickle-y throat feeling. Generous amounts of crunchy cookie chips, these are a real treat.
Jumbo bag sold it to me
If the bag was any smaller it wouldnt be getting a five star, This is a perfect sized bag to ensure you know youve eaten the product, they are so morish they dont last long in our household
I see what all the fuss is about!
I tried these for the first time a couple of months back after hearing people say how nice they were. I was shocked to find out I’d been missing out on such an incredible chocolate! I would purchase these again and again.
Better with less wrappers
I really enjoy this chocolate and always will do. Satisfying flavour and texture but the amount of plastic is too much for me
Hershey’s Baby!
I love love love Hershey’s cookies and cream it’s sooooooo nice, not easy to get hold of and can be expensive because it’s from America but it’s lovely had a Easter egg from Amazon Hershey’s egg lovely. Hopefully getting married in Las Vegas in August (if Covid 19 can buggier off) and they have a Hershey’s shop can’t wait to visit
I love hershey's chocolate. I had a friend send me a box of chocolates from America and hershey was by far my favourite. The taste . The texture was great. I would definitely recommend this chocolate to all chocolate lover's
Very sweet, artificial taste but still enjoyable.
I find the flavour of this chocolate very strange, quite artificial flavour but still enjoyable as I do have quite a sweet tooth. I don't find it tastes like white chocolate, but I'm unsure of what it does taste of. I do like cookies and cream flavours generally, and do still enjoy this. Very sweet, so you don't feel the need to over indulge.
Not a cadbury caramel chocolate
It is a nice combination of white chocolate and some cookies. Enjoyed it. Maybe not oreo, but still nice. Cadbury chocolate is still THE BEST. Would recommend to a friend, who buys me chocolate.
Wasn’t to my taste
Didn’t enjoy these. I’m usually a fan of cookies n creme flavours but unfortunately somehow this chocolate tasted greasy to me with a very strange aftertaste. I would not recommend to friends or family
My fave Hershey’s!!
Discovered this chocolate in New York a few years ago and can’t resist buying it when I see it in shops now. Very creamy white choc. Very indulgent and a really nice treat!
Creamy & crunchy, this flavour will leave you wanting more. It has a lovely creamy start, with the crunchy bits to give it extra texture. I would definitely recommend this to any chocolate lover!

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