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Home Tester Club Tips: Cooking at home
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Cooking from scratch
I have a 20 in 1 pot and find while I am eating healthy cooking from scratch with all the extra time I have is so easy. I love Diet coke chicken and crispy chilli beef.
Apple cake
I have been trying new things when I’m not at work recently we’ve been getting lunch pack at my hospital and no one has been eating the apples so I took them home and made apple cake here’s what you need. 200g brown sugar 200g self raising flour 200g softened butter 1 and a half tea spoons mixed spice (although I read this wrong and added a table spoon...it tasted lovely) 4 large eggs . 4 chopped apples for cake mix 1 apple sliced for top of cake. Mix all the ingredients together except the chopped apple mix well until nice and smooth then add the chopped apple and pour the mixture into the 7” round cake tin then lay your sliced apple on the top and sprinkle with some brown sugar. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for about 45-50 mins check with a skewer or knife if it comes out clean it’s cooked.
Cookies for the dustmen.
Been making loads of these every week. For dustmen, postie and neighbours. 8ozbutter 4oz caster sugar 10oz plain flour Few drops of salted caramel and smashed chocolate pieces cream or blitz sugar and butter together, add flour till it's a nice soft dry dough, seperate into 50p size balls and flatten to around 2 mm on a baking tray. in the oven on gas 3 for 20 mins. Makes up to 30
Smoothies and salads
I brought myself a blender yesturday🙂. At the moment i am eating salads bacon salad cooked in the oven, chicken salad prawn marie rose salad, tuna salad in between i drink lots of water
Home made biscuits
Here is the recipe 8oz sr flour 8oz butter 4oz sugar 4oz oats 2 Dessp of syrup 1 tsp bi-carb 1 tsp ground ginger a few drops of almond ess methard beat all ingredients togeather spilt in half pleace pieces on a baking tray in nice size balls flatted slitly and bake for about 20mins in a gas mark 4 oven or try only half ingrediends miss out the ginger put in chopped cherrys and half as normal you can use about any thing in your biscuits hope you enjoy making them as well as eating them good luck marion
Time to try new things
I’ve been enjoying this time off and have been making the most of having to stay at home. I get more inventive with what I want to eat -normally I would stick to the same sort of meals during the week, I now try different and spontaneous meals!
Cooking on a budget
I have been using the slow cooker loads to create a variety of meals using ingredients in the cupboard and with food items avaliable things have been such a struggle so have had to make do by batch cooking and freezing food which I highly recommend Stay Safe all 💗x
So much more time to enjoy
I have two children and we love cooking together but with the current situation we have loads more time to do this, we have used online live videos to help and the kids even made their own lunch yesterday. My eldest enjoyed it so much he wants to make lunch today for everyone completely by himself (although I will be watching on for safety reasons)
Baking for my grandchildren
I have been baking lots but as I am trying not to eat as much my daughter calls and I leave the baking outside for her to collect whilst my grandsons wave to me from the car, then they send me video messages of what to make next.
Sweet potato kiwi vegan soup
Made this soup a few times from a vegan recipe book left unused on the shelf. 3/4 Sweetpotatos, 2/3garlic cloves, 2-3 kiwi fruits, 1 vegetable stock cube, 1 1/2-2 cups of water, salt and pepper, olive oil. A blender. A pan. A spoon. Chop - kiwi, sweet potatoes, and garlic oil in pan add potatoes+garlic stir for 3/4mins add kiwi, stir leave a few minutes then add water, stock cube stir and blend after 10-15mins season to taste. Blend accordingly for a puree paste soup or liquidity add more water. Takes 30mins in total. Whether it's orange or green taste so good. My mother tried it for the first time yesterday she doesn't like kiwi or sweet potato and she loved it. This can be done without kiwi.
Lockdown cooking ..
I’ve started baking and cooking like a pro ... well I’m baking 😂 I have tried,loads recipes and been using my kids as taste testers and they don’t seem to mind too much fortunately
How to use milk that's gone bad
Milk gone bad? No problem! Leave it in a warm spot for 2 days, then move to a pot and heat on the smallest fire for an hour. Wait to cool down a bit, drain through a cotton cloth and voila! You have home made curd cheese. Add cream or yoghurt and you get cottage cheese :)
Home cooking
Home cooking has become more exciting and experimental since lockdown as I’ve been teaching myself every week how to make something I’ve never made before. Something I like to make which is quick and easy is Nando’s style spicy chicken wings with cheesey Mac and Cheese and Sweet or Potato Waffles(Bacon too of you want to be extra)
Cooking from home
Cooking from home is great, I entertain my family with recipes handed down from my relatives. I also try to use some cooking books gino d campo or Jamie Oliver Mary berry or juicing books fresh juices of carrots and ginger. Use what's fresh or from freezer. Split lentil soup. Use what I have.
cant get hold of flour
missing my cooking. cant get hold of any flour to make some cakes or do some baking. all the supermarkets are sold out here. is everyone else having this problem too if so have you sold the problem.

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