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Home Tester Club Tips: Home entertainment
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Free TV & Movies through games console.
To watch TV in my room, I use Xbox One. I have the usual subscriptions Netflix, Prime & NowTv (costing a small fortune now each month) so when I noticed apps in Microsoft Store, saying watch 100’s of the newest films/TV & for free, I decided to give it a try. I was really surprised that they worked so well & really did give access to 100’s if not 1000 free movies. One app called ‘free movies & tv’ (the app Icon is a lime green colour, if you Want to search for it in Microsoft store) is brilliant. After using it free for several weeks without any issue, I decided to take the upgrade offer & pay a single 99p payment, giving me full lifetime access to everything. So worth it.. I’ve been able to watch newest of new movies, with great picture quality (quality is stated on each movie eg, SD, HD720 or Cam). Eg‘s Ive watched recently are The Invisable man (HD), Underwater (HD), Gretal & Hansel (HD) & more. So, for people wanting to save a few quid on subscriptions, it’s a well worth it option.
Home entertainment
I am doing lots of arts and crafts for me and my children. This keeps our minds healthy and active.
me encantaria probar
soy farofa de la decoracion me volveria loca en este apartado
ve day with twinkle
we are doing ve day celebrations at home kids joing in cutting colouring in download from twinkle
Prepping for VE Day
In a right mess lol. Left it way too late to sort out ordering on line so am busy making decs. Will be cooking later on this week once i've tidied all the glue , paper and string away.
Arts and crafts
I been doing a lot of arts and crafts to try to keep me entertained and keep my mind occupied. Really enjoyed it.
Home entrainment
Netflix, Disney, amazon prime so many wonderful films to watch and shows to watch back to my own childhood over 50 years ago. Myself and 17 and 19 year old daughter sat in bed together watching the Princess and the pots we were mesmerised and loved it, then the beverley hill Billy's very fist one i watch late at night with my disassociate husband. And we all play ludo electronically now with neighbours and friends when none of us can sleep we are quite enjoying lockdown it's giving us all time to just relax and make time to share our time with each other x x along with painting stones.
Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime
I have all the above and luckily alongside my mainstream tv, there’s so much to watch and catch up on. There’s Killing Eve, Mr Robot, Netflix movies, Disney movies whenever I need and the rest! I also loved watching Liar on ITV. It was a great mystery all the way through! I do need to pace myself though as I could watch tv all day long but have work/other responsibilities unfortunately 😂
Netflix all the way!
Netflix have amazing shows! My favourites being limitless (both films and series are amazing) Orphan black, Dexter, Lie to me and ofcourse endless documentaries! I find them easy to navigate and also great entertainment for kids.
Netflix addiction
During these hard times I am watching a lot of series on Netflix. It helps to distract, there is wide choices of genders and types of series and movie and I Revòreconend it if you are suffering about this social distance to have a laugh or learning jew things though interesting documentaries. Please avoid the apocalyptic movies
Entertaining the kids
We are spending much more time together as a family. I have always been a crafty person so being able to share this with my children more has been fun. Normally the kids are tired on an evening and have busy weekends with clubs and plans but with nothing being open and all clubs closed we have plenty of time to craft together, we have been baking and making so much more and even snuggling and watching films together on netflix and sky, we are big marvel fans so we have started watching the films from the beginning again.
Netflix have a lot of fantastic series. My favourite lately is Money Heist. For parents better to put PG as Netflix has a new series Too hot to Handle (sex and nudity)and its the first thing you see when you open your Netflix.
Tv, films and craft shows
I love watching kirstie craft programmes got back into knitting after such a long time and made a little mini jumper for my nephews toy now I'm on my second one for a baby. Gets quite addictive once you've seen your progress and ending products. Takes your mind of things, therapeutic, gives you ideas, can use anything around the house. Bird tree using recycled materials, gardening planting seeds in toilet roll cartons, games How's on TV testing our knowledge.
Disney +
Subscribed to Disney + recently and is worth the money to keep the whole family entertained a added bonus is you can watch on 4 separate screens so there’s is no argueing if someone doesn’t want to watch something . I do hope they keep add new content
Disney +
Recently subscribed to Disney + it has a decent collection of movies and series to watch, however, I hope they add new content frequently.

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