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Home Tester Club Tips: Working from home
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Used to it
Always been working from home for last 6-7 years, very much adapted to balance between work & personal life.
Beyond stressful
As a single mother to 7 year old twins, one disabled and one with additional needs working from home full-time while home educating the children has been stressful. There are fewer 'breaks' away from the laptop while at home as you feel obliged to be logged on and focused. Workloads have also increased. Would not recommend for mental health reasons
I have started working from home and I started enjoying it. I still keep in contact with my colleagues.
Working at home
I started working from home due to lockdown. It’s not the same as being in an office with your colleagues and friends but getting used to it quickly.
Working from home
I've been doing this since beginning of March and unlike most of my colleagues in loving it. Still getting up at my usual time, taking lunch at my usual time, keeping the routine going, so that when I eventually have to do back to working in the office it won't be to much of a shock to the system. Only downside is that I can't make up any flexi time, just standard days.
Working from home
I am glad to be able to work from home whilst we have to stay home otherwise I would have been bored. I am also home schooling my 2 boys which is a task in it self. But we all have to have a park and I want to keep my children safe and I dont want them to fall to far behind. Specially when my oldest is in year 6 and starting secondary school this year.
Working from home
I have been working from home. It’s been a great opportunity to remain at work whilst staying indoors. Staying safe and saving the NHS and also protecting people and loved ones. No worry about travelling to wrk wake up and start working
Love work from home
Brilliant experience to work from home, saves time commuting to work and also money. Get time to exercise.
I enjoy working from hom
Working from home gives me the freedom to feel comfortable whilst working, I don't have to feel that I have to look my best yet still be able to do the same job I would do in an office with others.
Pace yourself
I recommend that if you’re WFH then make sure you pace yourself. Working is tiresome so I take breaks often, walk in the garden, make video calls, take a walk - to break up my day. And eat of course! TV is a great distraction too and having quick, fun games to play on the mobile phone helps me too. 📱
Balance is key
Hey, I am working from home along with my partner and 1 year old child. We have a photography company (e23photography - feel free to check us out online and on social media) and I model and dance (I'm @inaiyahlation on instagram) Our job usually involves quite a bit of human interaction so paid work is pretty much non existent right now. However we have been using this time to gain more photoshop skills as well as learning more about marketing and blogging. We are using this time to perfect our business plan and skills. For us, consistency and timing has been key. We have segregated the hours in the day for work, learning, food, child play, cleaning and time for ourselves. If you are in a couple please do be mindful of the other person. Have clear holes and responsibilities to avoid frustrations and remember, team work makes the dream work! I have included below images of our work. We do many styles and are passionate about what we do. I hope you like. Stay safe everyone!
You need to have the right mind set
I have worked from home 2 days a week for the past 12 months, I enjoy the balance I have as I can stay in touch with colleagues 3 days a week and when I am working from home I can keep up with small household tasks inbetween working. The 2 days i work from home I tend to work for an hour then put a load of washing in, then work another hour and wash up the breakfast pots, this way I'm giving myself a small break and keeping onto of the house but I make sure I dont choose a long task I can get distracted with. I sometimes find I even get more done at home when I give my self a small break to do a quick household task as it gives my eyes and brain a break which freshens and refocusses the mind.
Working from home
Definitely a change in routine, but Iv found organisation is key. Stick to your normal time table, including lunch breaks etc. Work in a room you can’t get easily distracted, and you can shut yourself away and focus on your work. It’s not ideal situation, but by making the best of it, it is definitely more rewarding.
Keep it real
Been working from home 4 weeks now and best thing to do is treat it as if you were going to work. Get shower and dressed have same break and lunch times you would normally have as it helps to keep it real and finish at same time and if using a certain room come out of it and close door and don’t be tempted to turn laptop on again till next day.
Working from home
It's challenging! When I worked in an office with 200 other people I always wished to be able to work from home. Thought it would be so easy and that I would have the self-discipline needed. Well, I really have to have a talk with myself to sit still at times, or have to get up for a coffee, it's just not as easy as it looked. Main thing I'd say is that when you feel your concentration is not the same, get up and do something else for 5 minutes. Don't get the ironing done or watch a film on netflix, but just make a cuppa, cut the vegetables for tea or sit on the sun. Time yourself and get back to work when your 5-10 minutes is up. Keep in touch with colleagues and your manager. People are different but with the pandemic we all get through some emotions, dreams, worries etc so just keep social from home.

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