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Soooo moresish
I eat allot of savoury snacks and can tell you this snack is Sooooooo moreish, you honestly can't share it. You just keep eating and eating them, until they are all gone. Very light, cheesy and a bit tangy, but a pleasure to eat. Problem is they where on as a special in my local Co-op. I've been looking for them ever since. Just can't seem to find them any where. Hmmmm! Where can I find them? Special treat Love yah! Hula Hoops xxxxx
Great Flavour
Great flavour for a light snack , Very cheesy , but not to filling, wish they came in bigger bags they are that nice
Start tasty but too spicy
These look and smell mouth watering but after a while the added spice makes them taste too strong. They also get all over your fingers and lap when you are eating! I found them too strong, but a handful at a party would be nice, no more.
Amazing flavour and texture
The best is the hot spicy flavour but even more than that is the amazing texture and crunch of these big and bold new beauties - sadly they are very expensive at £1.99 so I usually only buy them when they hit £1 or less. Salt and vinegar and cheese flavas are ok but its the spicy that really wins the crisps contest for me! Still worth it though at £1.99 if you have the cash. Best crisps I have tasted in years!
Hula Hoops
These are absolutely delicious big in size to and soft really really cheesy one of the best hula hoops
not nice
i found these to have a very strong cheesy smell and taste,to overpowering for my taste
Strong cheese taste after a while found it too much. The children enjoyed this snack, so a thumbs up from them
i like this snacks. it's one of snacks you should have when you have party yummy and crispy.
Very tasty
I love these found them very tasty and very very moreish
Tried these very nice handy snack full of flavour very crispy ideal snack for children
Aaaahh me and kids absolutely love these. Absolutely yummy
Love em!
Love these! I couldn’t get enough of them they are so moreish.
Really nice and great flavour cant wait to try other flavours
Not for sharing
I have had these a few times, they are not as cheese flavoured as I thought they would be, I was expecting more of a wotsit flavour but these are more spicy. They smell Devine and are very moorish, there is no such thing as a sharing bag in our house we have a bag each.
Not Keen
These are okay but to be honest I am not at all keen on the flavour. I found they tasted more spicy than of cheese. The texture was OK however and they smell rather nice when the packet is first opened.

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