4.1 5 0 19 19 Revitalising Blackberry & Chilli Revitalise your senses with this fruity Blackberry & Chilli shower gel leaving your skin feeling refreshed and smelling great. Dermatologically tested, Skin friendly pH, Long lasting fragrance
Imperial Leather Blackberry Chilli Shower
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I bought this for my husband as a change from his usual brand. It smelled so good though that I ended up using it too. Really zingy and fresh - great to wake you up in the morning!
It’s a good buy
I purchased this particular product on sale. I must say it’s quite good. The smell, foam and fresh feelings are there.
Smells so good
Love this wash smells really strong but fresh. Helps wake you up in the morning will be buying again
Luxury product and fresh smelling
It has a lovely smell, and works up to a lovely lather in the shower, keeps chubby smelling fresh
Amazingly indulgent and fragrant
The fragrance was amazing from the start and it foamed over my body and continued to smell amazing. Highly recommend this product.
Great product
This product is amazing, its like you indulge in to it. It has beautiful smell and very refreshing feeling. Definitely worth trying 👍👍👍👍
good choice
Since I bought this once for my husband he hasn't bought anything else he absolutely loves it and makes his body smelling amazing
Not for my hubby
Wasn't too fussed on this after hubby used it, whether it was just him or not I don't know. This wasn't for us .Too sweet ,not manly enough .
Was nice but
Created a reaction in my boyfriend´s skin, such a same.
Expected More
I purchased this for my other half as he's a huge chilli fanatic. I expected this to be a deep berry scent with a hint of spice. When we both tried it I was hugely disappointed as it smelled very summer berry rather than an autumnal berry and I couldn't detect the chilli. As far as using it goes, it lathers really well, gives a good clean and washes off easily. It lasts for a long time and hasn't caused any skin dryness or outbreaks like many other brands do.
Always use this type of shower gel leaves a nice aroma after shower very nice
This product has a really great smell and soothes the skin.
Good smell
This product goes on really well and lathers up over your body easily and has a really nice smell too it too
Watch your bits!
My partner loved using this smells beautiful and fresh but he found he was quite sensitive to it around his crouch and back!
Love, love, love!!
My boyfriend absolutely loved this chilli shower gel when I got it for him. It smells amazing and leaves your body feel revitalised!!

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