4.7 5 0 255 255 Inject some fun into your bath time routine with our new limited edition Mermazing bath soak. A refreshing blend of Fijian water and lotus flower, it will leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and smelling freshly fragrant.
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As usual, imperial leather has done well
I am a fan of imperial leather shower gels and this fits well with the range. It smells great, lathers well and I love the super shimmery look.
Bubble Bliss
This is a great bubble bath. Not only does it smell lovely, but it also makes lots of bubbles without too much trouble. My daughter loves the mermaid themed bottle and is much more excited about bath time since we started using the Mermazing bubble bath.
Just love that shimmer!
This product caught my eye in homebargins, the colour the shimmer it just looked so nice and I'm a sucker for anything new and shiny!. The smell is to die for omg if you like these scents then you will love this, I've used it once because I'd rather have it on display because it looks nice Haha. It leaves your body smelling and feeling funky fresh 10 out of 10.
For real mermaid 🙂
Looks like bubble bath for kids but everyone have to try it it's absolutely amazing also great value for the price!
I love these bubbles I had a bath in this tonight lots of bubbles to soak in nice relaxing aroma bottle looks fun but good for the grown ups to the bubbles last great value for the money
Imperial leather love
I love all items from the imperial leather brands. The packaging is perfect and is great to look at and smells great, there’s a shimmery colour to the liquid. I have baths very often and I love to relax in this definitely recommend.
Smell was a bit strong for me
This is a good idea, mermaids are really current right now and my little sister aged 10 loved it! For me the scent was a little strong and put me off using it, however my little sister couldn't get enough. :)
I purchased this as I like to try new bath and shower products. The bubbles were plenty and it smells so good. This is just one of the many bath products that will be on my shopping list from now on
Love it
My daughter is a huge mermaid fan and when she saw this she wanted to give it a try. It has an amazing aroma which could be smelt outside the bathroom after she had showered and it left her skin really smooth as she usually suffers with dry skin.
What more could you ask for? Imperial Lather Mermazing has it all - lasting fragrance and creamy lather...absolute value for money.
It great....leaves the skin feeling soft and silky. The product foams up nicely and has a nice fragrance. The color is somewhat magical but I feel like they could expand on it....
Gorgeous scent
My teenager loves this, I brought it for her as it was only a £1 in the supermarket. She absolutely loves the smell of it and uses it all the time now. Fully recommend to anyone with a young daughter although I have used it as well but shh dont tell.
I have always loved the Imperial leather brand, and really like the new scents.This smells lovely and is really foamy.I hope they continue with new scents.will be buying again.
Mermazing bath soak
I purchased this for my daughter as she loves bath products and thought this would be great for her as she has already tried the unicorn wash that imperial leather make. The smell is amazing and the bath soak creates lots of bubbles to. She also insisted on using it to wash herself with and even after getting out the bath I could still smell it on her skin. I will definatley be buying this again!
Smells good
Standard body wash with a smell that lasts, what more to want? Worth the money as often on offer

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