4.2 5 0 39 39 The Tefal IXEO is an outstanding All-in-One iron and steamer solution for a complete garment care with ultimate convenience and ease, to look your absolute best in no time. The built-in patented three-position Smart Board offers an all-new experience with ergonomic upright design, high-efficiency steaming and lightweight ironing. Without the need of an ironing board, Tefal IXEO is the perfect solution for smooth and wrinkle-free looks every day.
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Hi!!! Tefal is very very good brand😉😊!!! I wish this steamer..🙂😊 is nice, small..( i don t have too much space in my room)...and i repeat...everithing from Tefal is goooooddd!!!!
It look like it’s easy to handle. Quick way of ironing
I personally haven’t tried this product. I will look forward to trying it.
Would lv try this to see how it works I do a.lot of ironing
Would love to try this ..i love trying new thing out to see how well they work
I would love to test this!! It looks brilliant and just what I need
Looking forward to receiving and testing products with an open and honest approach.
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This sounds like a great way to save time. Might try it!
Would like to try it to see what it dose for me please and then I can tell you what I think of it.
Hi, I would love to test this as I used something smiilar that was in the hospital Laundry it was great for the uniforms dRs shirts and white coats, it makes ironiing a whole lot easier.
Waiting for my free sample to try it if it's like the cream s no disappointment

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