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Jacob's Savours Biscuits
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Fantastic treat!
I bought it for my sons birthday party as a healthy snack and everyone loved it. Its just the perfect size and the different kinds of biscuits in one box makes it even more attractive to everyone!
I had these over Christmas time for a cheese night with the whole family, the packaging was perfect, just open the box and they’re laid out nicely ready to go! The entire family loved them and they went well with every type of cheese and meat we tried!
Love them
These are the best, so much flavour. I prefer these to plain crackers. I’d definitely be buying again. Well worth the price you pay.
Love these especially when you need a bit of flavour instead of a plain cracker
Christmas Crackers
Wonderful selection of crackers suitable for anytime anywhere but brilliant for Christmas time They are lovely with all sorts of cheese or meat
Tasty but faffy package
Ready tasty crackers, nice and thin as I like them, but the film on the top of the inner package didn't peel and needed stabbing with a sharp for each cracker section. A bit of a pain, will put them all into a tub next time.
Crackers about the crunch
Really tasty crackers, light and crispy they give the perfect crunch when eating. I especially liked the sweet chilli ones, very tasty! Bad point... to he box. I found it didn’t seal the crackers well enough just closing the box and within a couple of days we had chewy crackers... so think the box needs rethinking, next Time I’d put mine into a tin if I bought them in a box again.
Jacob's savours biscuits
Two of the taste are nice but other two are so soft you can't take from the box because they crack.i like to eat with hummus but it was impossible.
Good vari8
Quite a good pack with various flavoured biscuits Great with special flavoured cheeses and pickle / pickle onions.
Excellent array of flavours that perfectly accompany any cheese or pate. Neatly packaged, and a must have for a cheese and wine evening with a significant other in front of a good movie
Love these
Really tasty crackers either with cheese or on their own. My only problem is choosing my favourite
Jacobs crackers
Great tasting crackers very moreish eaten with cheese or even on there own.
You can’t go wrong with Jacobs crackers. Perfect with cheese or to dip into humous
Nice selection
I tried these at a friend’s house with cheese and pate, very nice I will be looking out for these in the shops
Boxing Day buffet staple
Boxing Day buffet staple. Left over Christmas Day turkey and ham went down a treat with these flavourful crackers on the buffet table. Next test with the cheese board and wine!

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