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Jacob's Savours Biscuits
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Bought over Christmas, as you do :-) OMG they are great, i love a cracker but the fact you get 4 different flavours in 1 box is the BEST! All though they are all delicious & crunchy, my fave has to be chilli! these are a must for cheese & cracker selection
Great for any occasion
I am a fan of flavoured crackers and have always favoured Jacobs so when I saw this multi pack I had to try it (also it was Christmas so why not) and they didn’t disappoint! They tasted great and kept really well. They would be great to put out if you have friends or family over but maybe next time....
Good variety
I do love my cheese and biscuits and always buy Jacobs biscuits so when I saw these I had to get them to try. These biscuits add a twist to the taste making it more exciting. The flavours are just so lovely and add a good twist to the taste. We loved all the different ones included
Finally they all come together
I'm a big fan of the different flavours of Jacob's crackers so was delighted to see that they have brought together the different flavours into one box. Something for all tastebuds. My personal favourite is the black pepper ones. They go amazingly with cheese.
We loved these, they are very tasty. Loved all the different flavours, and they go great with cheese.
we eat these lots all different topping great for snacks
Great selection
Whilst its always good to have a selection of crackers at a family do or over Christmas. The downside is you probably won't scoff them all in one go, so some form of resealable packaging would of made this item so much more appealing.
a must have
great for a evening snack or lunch. great served to guests as with a cheese board
Sensible selection
A very nice sensible selection of cheese biscuits which complement different cheeses. Nothing too way out in the flavours so appeals to all. Good buy at Christmas, ideal for my cheese loving Dad.
Sunday night treat
Every Sunday my sister and her family come over to our house for dinner & game night. We always make sure we have dinner early so we can snack on these with a choice of dips & creams. There's a taste for everyone in the box, and they always go down well.
We love crackers and cheese in our house so these are a welcome addition to our family theres a good variety in this box something for everyone definitely recommend
The best
I Bought these at Christmas and they went down a treat at my house! Absolutely in love with them 😋😍 great buy!
Great chessboard accompaniment & perfect snack.
These crackers bring, my favourite Jacob's biscuits. In a lovely selection box, but with added flavours. The flavours make, the perfect accompaniment to cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese or pate. There not over powering but subtle. A great addition to any cheese board, or light lunch, picnic, or just a snack. They stay crisp, & don't go soggy. Even with a wetter topping like hummus. I brought for Christmas, but will now be getting as a cupboard regular. Either as selection pack or one of individual flavour packs they do.
A complete one,,,where I am satisfied,I luv company and the company logo,, Love this stuff,and I love to purchase it again,, it fullfils the morality I love this *stuff* ,,, as the upgraded,,, it's trustworthy,,I vil recommend to all to buy,,,Really got bored of all other brands,,, I would " love" to have this with me,,,,God,,,wish me good luck to have this as early as possible,,, fingers crossed As I own a shop,,, it will be helpful that if I need more number of items vid variety of u r company,,, to catch more customers
Lovely flavors. Great for using at a party. Something for everyone.

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