4.6 5 0 167 167 Shortcake biscuits sandwiched with low fat yogurt filling and raspberry flavour jam. Burton's Biscuit Co Making every day more of a treat
Jammie Dodgers Jam & Yogurt Bar 107G
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These were eatable but dont think I'd buy them again
Sweet and tasty
I love Jammie Dodges so just had to give these a go when I saw them, they are really handy as they come portioned into packets of 2 biscuits otherwise I might eat them all at once. They are really sweet but I do like that and they have plenty filling great for having mid morning or afternoon with a cup of tea or coffee.
Sweet tooth
If you have a sweet tooth you will love these - very similar tasting to the originals
Not for me
I didnt like these much. Far too sweet. My children weren't keen on them either which surprised me because they normally like jammy Dodgers. We found them softer than the biscuits too which wasnt for us.
old school biccy
Delicious, covered in plenty of filling and enjoyed by all of the family. packet needs to be huge for my family
Great snack
I purchased these to have in my draw at work for when I wanted a snack or have with a cup of tea. Love Jammie Dodgers and this is the perfect size treat without feeling too guilty.
These are absolutely delicious, i can not get enough of them, they are good as they are straight from the packet and even better dunked. My new fave snack.
They are great and tasty, but they contain a lot of sugar too much for children. I will definitely buy them again, but not every so that they could not stand it. Kids like it very much the filling is tasty, the packaging is good. I recommend in moderation :)  
5 stars from my children
Children really did enjoy these as part of there snake and im not really sweetie person so I didn't find them all that but my children really seem too and asked for another before they had finished the one they had lol would definitely recommend to my family and friends for their children
Kids loved them!
Bought these for the kids and they loved them! They love a normal jammy dodged so knew these would also be a hit and I wasn't wrong!
Very sweet!
I bought these in the supermarket for my children to try as they live jammie dodgers. 2 out of the three children enjoyed them but my eldest thought that they tasted “weird”. I tasted one and I thought that they were ok but very sweet. Not sure I would buy them again.
Absolutely love these. Nice crunch! I think i actually prefer these to the original.
mainstay in the snack cupboard
These are a unique delightful little snack. I'm a big jammy Dodger fan and these are worth picking up. Kids love them perfect for lunch boxes or on the walk home from school. Would definitely recommend
Perfect with a cuppa
These biscuits are a prober treat with lots of flavour! They are fab with a hot drink! One of my fav biscuits
Kids favourite
Our kids loved these and have asked for them again several times. Great for packed lunches or snacks on the go.

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