4.6 5 0 154 154 Shortcake biscuits sandwiched with low fat yogurt filling and raspberry flavour jam. Burton's Biscuit Co Making every day more of a treat
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Lunch box treat!
These are great to pop in the little ones lunch box as a treat but once you try them you may want to pinch a couple as well! Very tasty and low in Kcal which is great as i can eat more! :-)
A nice alternative to jammy dodgers. Kids enjoyed them and suitable for lunchboxes!
A Classic with Tea
This biscuit has been my preferred choice with a cuppa for 40 years and shows no sign of loosing it's appeal. What more can I say. It's a classic.
Jammie Dodgers
Both myself and my kids have tried them and we absolutely loved them. We really enjoyed the ‘crunch’ of the biscuit combined with the creamyness of the cream.
Extremely tasty
Love these strawberry and cream biscuits even more if I have more than 1 packet.
Well I was so excited to find these, and was not disappointed, I have to admit I eat half the pack on my way home from the shop lol I just wish they were bigger, my daughter were miffed when she spotted the empty wrapper in my bin 🤣
Kids lunch boxes
The kids love these in their lunchboxes, they are more interesting than the original jammy dodgers.
Very nice thanks, not at all what you expect. Not like most yougurt biscuits they are moist and refreshing and have a reasonable helping of jam for such a modist sized biscuit.
Sadly not the same
I lived on Jammie Dodgers as a schoolboy..... and the memories are still there. Unfortunately these are just not the same, taste is different, biscuit is softer and less taste... but saying that, they are still good...just not the same
Nicer than the original jammie dodgers and they come wrapped in portions so the rest don’t go soft/stale. Perfect for children
Jammie dodgers
Ideal snack for little ones and just as nice as the round ones
Always loved original jammie dodgers but these are amazing and the kids love them too
Jammie dodgers
They taste so much better yummy yogurt taste and with 3 kids they love them
Bought these as they were on sale, who doesn't like jammy dodgers. These are way better than the originals, a full packet lasted 2 minutes, they are so moreish, a new biscuit barrel favourite
Thier Mine
I have to hide these as every one loves them in my house. I am a diabetic and 1 a week is more than enough for me, so I relent after 2 and leave them out. Can we have them in single packs so I wont be tempted.

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