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JF Man Control System Taming Shampoo
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Head and shoulders
Very good leaveservice hair in good condition l use this product on and off for many years l always go back to this product
Didn't control or tame him
I had such high hopes for this product, I mean who wouldn't right? Claims to do something I've been trying to do for a long time! I asked him to cook tea & to tidy up afterwards, which he did! Exciting! Then I asked him to run me a bath before giving me a massage, after he'd taken the rubbish out and the dog for a walk. He gave me a funny look & sighed. But he did all of them! I started thanking my lucky stars but changed it to JF & wondered if JF was actually a woman. This was seriously starting to produce amazing results! After just 2 washes! My shampoo never delivers the satin sleek hair it promises me! So after my massage I asked him to get me champagne. This was where my bubble well and truly popped. He started using a lot of 4 letter words, not fit for a review. No ladies, this doesn't help control him, it was my new wonderbra and low cut top aparantly & that had it's ****ing limits! Such a shame, thought I was onto something AMAZING! Smells nice though 😉
My husband all the time buys this profuct he adores it after showering his hair is su fluffy and smells so nice
Haven't tried but would love to as I have dry frizzy long hair
I would really love to try this product as my hair is really dry and damaged and needs a really good shampoo, it’s completely lifeless and really dull, this looks like a great product
I would love to try this I have very frizzy hair and I have tried most product and haven't found on that does the job
I would love to try this I have very frizzy hair and I have tried most product and haven't found on that dose the job
ive had john frieda products given to me as xmas presents id love try this product please
I have used some other John Frieda products but not this one, can I give it a try please?
I have such long hair would I be able to test and try this product plz as my hair is dry and needs a good clean lol 😆 and somthing that makes it soft not Matty
What a fabulous looking product. I'm always looking for a good shampoo to combat my hair woes! Maybe this could be it
Love John Frieda my hubby will love it please can I try thank you x

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