4.5 5 0 7 7 Nourishing hair repair masque for intensive care & revitalisation. For dry, stressed & damaged hair With antioxidant rich green tea and nourishing avocado oil
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Affordable product with great results for most hair types
My hair is thick and curly, I find this product is great for hydrating and smoothing the mid lengths and ends. Especially when combed through. This product has a refreshing feel. Not too heavy on the roots. So that it can be massaged into the scalp for extra benefits. I will definitely be using again once a fortnight as I find it keeps my scalp balanced from being dry and flaky, never too oily but a great mask for my curls too
Hair needed some help from previous heat damage as having naturally curly hair I straighten it a lot. This caused it to become dry so this product really helped to bring back the moisture . Would definitely recommend
Your Summer hair repair 😚
I needed something to get my wavy hair looking summer ready . Really gave my hair a moisture boost! Would be goid on processed and curly hair too.
Must have
All John products are brilliant for my hair and make it feel 100 times better and more manageable
Would love to try this detox and repair hair mask. I have been struggling with dry and damaged hair for ages and nothing seems to work
Read the reviews and I'm so looking forward to buying this.my hair needs all the help it can get with the heat drying it out! Excited.me and my friends were talking about this today,we will all be trying this on a girly pamper night.love John Frieda products too,and very good value.
Would like to try the product , seems like it would do a good job

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