4.7 5 0 21 21 Nourishing hair repair masque for intensive care & revitalisation. For dry, stressed & damaged hair With antioxidant rich green tea and nourishing avocado oil
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Left my hair feeling soft and shiny and smelling lovely
I really liked this product and it wasn’t too expensive when purchased on offer from Boots. My hair felt nice and soft and looked much shiner after use without a doubt. I would definitely use it again.
helps with my damaged hair
I have a little damaged section on my hair from using har dyes, whilst it grows out it needs a little extra help. This hair mask calms it down and the area appears less frizzy and feels smoother.
The best hair mask
A lovely creamy mask, has a creamy consistency and smells absolutely insane.. I leave it for 10 mins after shampoo and it leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth and manageable.. also my hair has become stronger and less breakage ..
Best ever
I got this as a trial along with shampoo and conditioner. The best hair mask I've ever tried as I dye and straighten my hair it's such a nice treat for my hair, would defo recommend it.
Quite expensive but great product for me. I bought it few weeks ago and I will buy again
Amazing product for my damaged hair
What a great product it has really refreshed my tired hair, it feels soft and manageable
Hair mask
I bought this masque as my hair was feeling a bit dry and was looking kind of dull ,i run myself a bubble bath and lay back and relax after applying it ,it leaves my hair feeling and looking for much more healthy , i would like a stronger scent though
John freida detox & repair mask
This was quite expensive for the amount you get, however I definately did see a difference in split ends, shine, hydration and actually even volume, its a great product & definately works, one of the best in this price range.
John Frieda Detox and Repair
It certainly does what it says..My hair feels and looks completely shiny... smooth and healthy...
Frequent goodness
I constantly dye my hair and find this the best remedy for dry, dull and damaged hair. It smells quite nice and isn’t greasy which I love, greasy products mixed with my greasy hair is a no no!
Very impressive
This product helped my frizzy and unruly hair. I felt happy because I had been so self conscious about my hair.it smells lush. To improve I think they should make a more varied range.
I over bleached my hair trying to get it to a very white blonde. It was incredibly damaged and I needed something to add some life and moisture back into it. This product restored my hairs strengths and left it feeling silky smooth. I would use again most defiantly and I would totally recommend
As my hair is coloured it can become really straw like and brittle. I tried this product and loved it. After the first use my hair looked and felt so soft. I totally recommend this product.
Affordable product with great results for most hair types
My hair is thick and curly, I find this product is great for hydrating and smoothing the mid lengths and ends. Especially when combed through. This product has a refreshing feel. Not too heavy on the roots. So that it can be massaged into the scalp for extra benefits. I will definitely be using again once a fortnight as I find it keeps my scalp balanced from being dry and flaky, never too oily but a great mask for my curls too
Hair needed some help from previous heat damage as having naturally curly hair I straighten it a lot. This caused it to become dry so this product really helped to bring back the moisture . Would definitely recommend

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