4.6 5 0 76 76 Strengthen lightened blonde hair and protect from future damage. Go Blonder Lemon Miracle Masque creates million of new bonds onto hair to restore damaged fibres. Hair is blonder* and stronger. *when using the Go Blonder system of Shampoo, Masque & Spray
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lemon Miracle Masque 100ml for Blonde Hair
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I really feel like I'm pampering myself when I use this hair mask. This product is perfect for me as my hair is naturally blonde but has darkened with age. I use it once a week and see a noticeable difference to both the colour and the moisture in my hair.
A saviour for dry bleached hair!
I used this in the Summer when my highlighted hair was in desperate need of some moisture. I found this little beauty and I left in my hair overnight and rinsed in the morning and I was in awe with my results. I usually cannot brush my long hair when it is wet and it takes me some time to detangle! My hair brush just went through my hair first time, my hair felt so nourished and moisturized - no wonder it is called miracle masque! I have absolutely no negatives on this product and results itself and have continued to buy, however I do feel the price is quite high for a high street brand masque. There are superior brands in a spray bottle that I also use that gives me instant results after a spray and lasts alot longer. If you have lots of hair this tube will not last you that long as it is quite a thick cream.
A great affordable mask
I love how nourishing and smoothing this hair mask is. The value for price is also great!
Silky shiny blonde hair
I received this as a so post sample and was keen to give it a go on my highlighted hair as it was looking dull and lifeless. It smells lovely and has a rich texture which feels good to apply I left it on for 35-40mins then rinsed off and my hair looked much healthier than before really had a nice shine to it and looked glossy and vibrant.
No more Brassy Blonde
I used this when my hair was blonder. When you have coloured blonde hair, it can go brassy looking, almost yellowy. If thats the case for you, try this, leave on your hair for minimum 30 minutes and rinse, you will notice a difference straight away. Your hair will be more blonder looking, less brassy. If you want to go whiter, leave it on longer and use twice weekly.
Received this from a SoPost ad campaign. I used this recently following dying my hair blonde and loved how hydrating it was. Considering purchasing as I liked the texture, it did not leave my hair feeling heavy.
Works well
I really recommend this product, I bought as a hair lightening product but was really pleased that it actually left my hair in lovely condition, it feels soft and smoother than it usually does.
Absolutely love the range of John Frieda haircare they smell beautiful and leave your hair soft and clean. The shampoo with colour enhancing properties are really very good and help you go longer between needing to dye your hair. I highly recommend this product
Love it!
Tried this when it was on offer a few months ago and absolutely loved the results! I was sceptical at first (hence trying it on offer and not paying full price) but can confirm it really does work! I noticed a difference after just one use! Will definitely buy again, highly recommended x
Great for coloured hair
I have had highlights put in my hair and I had a sample of this so thought I'd give it a go. It smells so good and leaves hair with a gorgeous shine, I went out and purchased a full size bottle of it! Only thing stopping 5 stars is the price. It's quite a lot compared to similar products.
After I had used this hair mask my partner actually asked me if I had been to the hairdressers and had my hair done. If that doesn't speak for itself I don't know what will. 100% recommended!
Great hair mask
Highly reccomend, only hair mask that seems to make hair feel, smell and even look better. Great for blonde hair, helps remove brassiness and makes me feel really blonde again.
Good mask for bleached hair
I have used lots of hair masks being an avid hair colour changer and when I am in my blonde phase it’s difficult to find something that is good for my hair care but also the colour, this product. Really made my hair feel better in regards to less breakage when wet and feeling more soft and less dry, whilst also enhancing the blonde colour! Took it on holiday too and made my blonde really pop! Love this range
Really liked this
me and my wife have bleached blond hair. This product really does get the brassiness out. Hair feels really soft too
Great product
I really love this product, it does exactly what it says it does, smells great and leaves hair feeling refreshed and brighter, only down side is price, I think it's a little hight for the amount of product you get, but I would buy again

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