4.6 5 0 23 23 Why not get a little creative with your cup of choice inspired by your coffee shop favourite? This delicious blend has big bean taste balanced with Irish Cream flavour. Recharge your senses with a treat when you need one most. Like now, perhaps?
Kenco Silky Irish Cream Barista Edition
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Not bad not good
I was excited to try this, i was not overly impressed with it, was not great but not bad either.
Like a coffee but not a big fan of Irish Cream. Still worth to try
Rare but good
Love the whole range of these flavoured coffees - the flavour is just strong enough, but doesn't overpower the coffee. They are fairly sweet though, so I would try it before putting extra sugar in. Deducted one star because I can never find any of them in shops... :(
Died and gone to heaven
Oh my this is smooth tasty creamy a bit pricey but not the most expensive.
Could be a little sweeter...
I do really like Kenco and was excited to try this coffee. It's easy to use and tastles nice but I think it could do with a little sweetner.
A nice change
A lightly flavoured coffee, making a nice change, especially in the evening
Very tasty
I've tried the other flavours such as Hazlenut but this has to be by far my favorite! Really nice even in black coffee
Great taste
I love the range of flavoured coffee because unlike flavoured cappuccinos it doesn’t contain sugar
It’s not the best drink I’ve tried the taste is that good wouldn’t recommend
kenco Irish cream
it's such a smooth taste when you first drink it you don't get the taste straight away then a few seconds later it hits you it tastes great
Kenco Irish cream
Lovely subtle taste. Not too strong and no bitter aftertaste. Good to enjoy at any time of day for a bit of indulgence
Smells divine
This is lovely coffee. From the moment you open the bag the smell hits you and it's just divine! Easy to make. Not am overly strong taste of coffee as the flavour of the Irish cream tones it down a bit. It's a really creamy taste and feels a little bit naughty. Definitely a regular drink in my household!
Mmmmm lush
This is absolutely delicious, the smell as you open the packet is amazing and it yard as equally as good. It has a smooth, creamy, velvety taste and the Irish cream flavour adds a little bit of decadence and a hint of naughtiness to your daily cup of coffee. Great flavour any time of the day.
Great taste
i found it to be a really great flavour and taste, even the aroma was on par , a really enjoyable drink
Wake up flavour
An amazing aromatic flavour,an amazing start of the day. A coffee to share with friends. An unforgettable taste

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